Dec 6, 2009

when we are together

pictures speak~~~
that is what photography is all about
Depicting the story to the viewers, and share the story to MILLIONS or even GAZILLIONS of people who look at the same piece of picture.

I enjoy your company

I enjoy the topics we share

I enjoy the time we talk like nobody's business

It is good to have you, My beloved
If only we need not to get frustrated all about the STUDIES
If only we need not to talk about ACCA, EXAMS all the time

How good if we have time Just for Laugh


  1. HitoMi,

    A great set of photos!

    Both of you a look great!

    More photos soon.
    How are your studies progressing?

    I have had a crazy busy weekend getting ready for the Holidays.

    Tired but satisfied!

    Enjoy the week ahead.
    We are expecting snow here tomorrow!

    The first snow of this winter!


  2. hi friend! nice site you've got here...can we xlinks? ^_^

  3. Monorail station so empty? :P Chill, take it easy.

  4. misses those times ....

  5. @ DAvid :
    No doubt schedule is getting tighter and we are getting more freaked out as it is getting nearer and nearer...

    @ eZuca :
    Thanks ^^

    @ Willy C :
    Coz everybody is working or studying

    @ charis :
    There will be more

  6. You should say you cam-whore like nobody's
    Nice pictures! =)

  7. @ dylan Phuah :

    @ joshuaLaw :
    haha, you help me said edi


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