Dec 2, 2009

what I did on Hari raya Qurban - 271109

*slap forehead*
I really should be studying right now OMG!!
But still, I know I have to update this

Cause Me love you guysSss so muChie
You love me too??

Being young is one thing, But mesmerizing on your childhood memories is another thing

How long you have not really watch any Disneyland animation after,take me for example, 20years?
Sadly I have not really done so.
But if some one is going to sponsor me to Disneyland, I would love to go ^^

So have you figure out where are we then??

Me & kah aNg

My grandpa LOL posing with the goal

anYone manage to guess it?

well well Even if you can't it is acceptable
*drum rollssss*
we were at SUNWAY LAGOON!!
Woot, finally I managed to utilise all 7 tickets in one go

Here we were, after whole day "patrolling " all 5 themeparksss
Got ourselves cleaned after playing with "PUBLIC" water

time was insufficient for us to Scrutinize every single area of 5themeparks
So next time Be SMART
Just buy one park or two will do
Water & normal themepark!!

Listen to hitoMi kay...
Don't act clever
*kidding kidding*

Let's proceed with soMe SS elemente!!
It has been some time I use this "SS" term again

NO matter how SS I am, still I will be one step losing

Have you seen guys doing this??

After whole day of fat burning it was time to fill Our growling tumMies


Buffet style some more, it means you CAN EAT TIL YOU DROP >.<

The tomYam soup is the BEST!! I love it man...we don't even need CHILIES

after two hours or so, finally we Swept in EVERYTHING we took

See their faces?? All full until want to faint

HitoMi wanted to faint too

See what she HAD!!

Guess what??
I think I add on weight LOL


  1. fianlly u went to sunway lagoon..
    i went to that place last week..
    and guess wat..
    after that me and my friends went to eat steamboat too..
    but at yuen.. nt sure where u been...
    btw TQ so muchie!!~

  2. wow... 5 theme parks in one day?? *sweat*

    u muz be like a dead fish now.. lolx.. :p

  3. HitoMi,

    Sunway Lagoon looks like a very nice place with that beautiful white sand beach.

    You of course look so adorable!

    All the food looks absolutley yummy!
    The Tomyam soup would be fun to try.

    SS elemente ? ? ? ?

    Please illuminate what that means to this north american.

    A very fun to read post!


  4. Wah, all dressed up for..... Sunway Lagoon. lol...must have been fun eh.

  5. Kwong fei, it has been so long LOL...even after all weeks winners were out!! We went to CHONG QING (they specialised in MALAT soup), haven try but worth trying!! Guess what they have longer history than YUEN, even though I have not been to YUEN also

    Jason LCE, haha, Not dead not dead.still ALIVE here

    David, If you were in Malaysia, it is worth paying a visit. SS elemente is like my own term, eg. Cheat One from cheesie LOL. SS = Self shoot.

    WillyC, mana ada dress up. All wear cincai nia

  6. Went there once...and nearly die of drowning...

  7. Kelvin, OMG, that is a terrible experience... I feel it is kinda boring in there too

  8. I nearly drown becuz my friend jump on my back...choose ur friend wisely T T

  9. Kelvin, good advice indeed. So next time you bring your friends whom wont suddenly give you heart attack LOL


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