Dec 4, 2009

tiMeless PieCe

I have to admit that I am kinda upset when I saw my traffic has gone down for past few days.
Something must be done to undo that!!

No matter how badly I wanted to, still, I feel guilty when I actually spend more time in front of my PC instead of my books >.<

I wish I have more time

But that only makes me greedy and wanted MOREeee

Maybe it is time to get a DECENT watch.
But, do I look at them?
ah ah ah
this is the question

How Many of you do wear a watch and Keep watch of the time on and off??


  1. I dun understand why we still need watch? We can look at our handphones right?

    But i ish look at the sun for time one haha^^

  2. Hmmm... i do, when i used to have my watch with me... but not wearing watches for a very long time d.. =p

    -thinker aka dennis-

  3. HitoMi,

    Do not be to upset.

    You have to devote sufficient time for your exam prep.

    When exams are done you will have time for more posts, and time to take even more photos of your growing band of models, and perhapr you will treat us to model HitoMi!!

    BTW, given any thought to how you will blog and work after graduation?

    Many bloggers have less time when jobs keep them busy.

    Enjoy the weekend and the spirit of the Christmas season!


    Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

    -- Cicero

  4. @ Kelvin :
    that is the thing LOL
    In fact, me myself already get used to look at hp for time.
    Maybe just buy as an accessory?

    @ thinKe :
    Me too me too. I hate when the battery died

    @ David :
    I have not expanded my portfolio for model photoshoot or get myself as model >.<
    I wish I have more time SERIOUSLY!!

  5. for me, it depends... should have average around 7 to 8 times a day that I look at the time from my watch... dun hav the habit to look from my hp.. :p

  6. Nice watch..Fossil seh..
    btw, i still wear n look at my watch..but it's funny sometimes on days when ur not wearing one, you need to look at the time and you'll end up staring at ur wrist. That looks dumb actually..haha.

  7. @ jason LCE :
    that is Good habit anyway. I have been getting used to look at my phone coz I don't wear a watch. Even when I did during secondary life, I did not look at it much LOL

    @ willyC :
    Good good. at least you still wear it. Keep it up. I do feel guys wearing watch add tinge of style!!
    But also depends on what type of watch you are wearing.

  8. i have a watch but i dont wear em.
    and yeah, my traffic sucks too. :( sad case i must say.

  9. @ dylan Phuah :
    why not?? Haha, I will wear if I feel like it ^^

  10. i prefer looking over a watch than phone... so i always ask for time from others.... =p

  11. @ thiNke :
    means you prefer to look at phone or watch?

  12. i don't even wear one lol, got 3 phones to keep my time!

  13. @ spinzer :
    Ola dude...I know you got 3 phones LOL

  14. definately go for watches! =p i don't like to always take my phone out just to check time...

  15. @ thiNke :
    haha, I see. Everybody is different. But the thing is even I wear watch, I don't look at them >.<


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