Dec 18, 2009

sMashpop | Dylan | Nike

All i want for xMas is my two front teeth
my two front teeth
see my two front teeth!!

WE have another version here

Hee, guess you have known whose EGG is this

it is No other than mr Dylan here

I have no idea what the box is about LOL

But I gave him my support so that he can win this

*me lazy bum lazy do also*

More info at

Now it is My update
though I am sick, I was out whole day LOL

Went to Starbucks, Sungai wang to Grab my free daily brew

with my beLoved

Yes yes yes!!
it was FOC from 11am - 1pm, according to My lady
beCause it was STARBUCKS's birthday

I have got myself a LOIS jeans and Hair straightener
it is worth RM300 but I just paid RM140 for it!!
WOnder how to get such a NICE DEAL??
*ask me ask me*


  1. thanks for supporting~! YAY!
    hey, how did you get that superb deal? use voucher izzit?

  2. @ dylan :
    For the jeans it is FOC lol. Correct, voucher!!

  3. voucher from the photomara?
    n omg!! how come no one tells me thi?? STARBUCKS's giving out free brew?? damned~~~~
    is is for a day onli or what?? hmm...

  4. wat voucher deal so great?

  5. HitoMi,

    Starbucks just what I need to warm me up on this -5C friday afternoon.

    Have a great weekend and let us know how well you passed the exams!


  6. @ David :
    Any coffee will do. I can spare you some Instant 3in1 coffee mix ^^
    My result will be out in end of February - that is LOoooong


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