Dec 24, 2009

seCret of merryLand soldiers

For those whom manage to guess the exact location of Merryland soldiers
*thumbs up for you*

For those failed to
NO worries~~~

this is why this post is meant for ^^

If you still wonder how Desa Park City looks like
Feel free to check out these links
I have a feeling tonight I would be plan-less >.<


  1. Desa Park City?
    Um, dunno where is that. XD

  2. HitoMi,

    Christmas is HERE!

    Joy,happiness, and peace be yours today and every day in the new year!


  3. AhA~ DPC... hmm.., nice place... well just came back from dinner at star village, kuchai lama... so where/what have u been/done? plan-less? not kua?? LoL

  4. is this place in kl? haha. noob me

  5. @ kelvin :
    near One utama. Well, say 5-6 km from One utama

    @ DAvid :
    yes yes, I have no chance to eat some Cookies or ginger bread man still

    @ thinKe :
    Planless. I stayed home yesterday!!

    @ dylan phuah :
    Near One utama. Kepong that area

  6. omg... u should've come join me for dinner instaed... LoL

  7. @ thinKe :
    unless you are giving me a ride ^^ Coz i am lazy to go out on my own

  8. mERRY X-mas to u and ur family!!!

  9. HitoMi,

    No cookies or ginger bread men!

    Well next year I will just have to do something about that. I will personally make you some cookies and ginger-bread men and send them to you before Christmas!

    Have some fun before New Years eve and party safely on New Years eve!


  10. ah~ that's so sweet of david ^^ i wish to have some gingerbread man too~~ ^.<

    well hitomi... I can fetch u home, but u'll have to meet me somewhere I know tho... heheh =p

  11. @ result november 2009 :
    Thanks!! merry xmas and happy new year to you too

    @ david :
    you are so sweet. some visuals wil do ^^ pArty safe is always the priority

    @ thinKe :
    hee, I prefer cookies. haha, kay kay. we will work that out some day


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