Dec 26, 2009

Merry xMas | Pasta zanMai

wooHOo, merry christmas everybody!!
HOw is your boxing day??

hitoMi has no present for you guys
I have some Visual treats Just for you!!

I assure you it is simply tantalizing, mouth-watering, saliva-drooling etc etc etc

Seriously I love my Soft shell crab pasta
I Rate it 5/5

The crispiness of the crab, doused with some gravy of the Pasta;
The "slurp"iness of the Pasta, fully blended with the Gravy ;
Damn, it is simply FANTASTIC.

This portion alone is sufficient to serve 2 pax, no kidding!!
hitoMi headed home with full gorged tummy

even their Pizzas are way better than Vivo, perhaps its tastiness matches with those Dominos and Pizza huts!!

SKinny panda @ amanda has the same comment too
"HitoMi, I am very full now. Can you help me to finish this??"

UP next :
HanNah tan Charity Concert @ the Gardens ballroOm


  1. so yummy lor can!
    i can finish for you~!

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

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  3. Of course it's nicer then vivo XD...
    u, me & suresh help to finish it XD
    P/S: time cannot finish, give me XD I got big stomach XOXOXO

  4. @ dylan Phuah :
    You help amanda, fast fast

    @ 123123 :
    what information you mean??

    @ feeQ :
    hee, true also. Your stomach not very big only

  5. nice food! if you can't finish the food you can ask for my help =D

  6. hehe... Dont get cheat by my stomach... actually I'm fat!

  7. Rawr i want1!!!!!

  8. HitoMi,

    Yummy looking pasta!

    No Vivo's over here. Pizza Hut and Domino's are everywhere, and thier pizza is considered average.

    The best pizza I have found is here:

    I would put Smackwater Jack's pizza up against anybodies!

    Enjoy the remainder of the week.
    BTW, what did Santa leave for HitoMi?

    e did mention you were on the nice list!


  9. @ baboon :
    haha, come come :p

    @ feeQ :
    fat?? ala..tipu la tu

    @ seraph :

    @ david :
    You mentioned that before. I remember that. Santa din drop anything for me.

  10. HitoMi,

    Nothing at all


  11. Pasta zanmai!! i like! very uniqeu xD~~

  12. @ david :
    no worries ^^

    @ carson Heng :
    Yea, surprisingly I think I like it better than sakae sushi

  13. I hardly stopped myself from eating my computer screen with all these taste things you've got here... I am sure - this is all really mouth-watering!

  14. @ latin ladies :
    oh dear, I feel flattered :) Glad that you enjoyed the pictures


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