Dec 15, 2009

If I am Lesbian

DISCLAIMER : This post is 18SX, for those underaged, kindly *clicky* and SHUT THIS TAB OFF

I would do this if I am a Lesbian

Too bad I am not
Good news or bad news I have no idea
HitoMi talks less about her relationship

You know why??


simply because I am Not in any!!!

Well well, have you ever kissed a Girl?
*i am asking girls who kiss girls, guys who Kiss guys*

to be frank, I did kiss a girl *hesitating and counting fingers* or maybe 2 or 3

But thank god NO thunder STRIKES me

so Here are the LISTS of potential Questions that you might ask me :


SOmething like that
Need not to know who is He, and I don't remember who is He either
so the thing is I was not really drunk but just got TIPSY

*this is the MOst TIPSY hitoMi pic I can find*

Velvet, Zouk on Halloween Night
what a coincidence I must say
this particular DRUNK Guy was in the Velvet, Zouk
but mind that IT IS NOT THE SAME DAY


just a Peck, nothing much.
Tasteless or perhaps a little ALCOHOL-filled breath

ACtually, I still have a photo in my handphone which I sorta kissed my College mate too!!
But that one, rest assured, that is really an ANGLE TWEEKED photo
*wanna see it?? fast fast comment and request*

HOw far fetch I am
I don't even think I can write so Much on this particular post
ANyway hope you guys enjoy it!!


  1. Bad news or Good news?
    hehe... for guy sure good news lor...
    For girls is bad news...

    I wonder what people around u look @ u guys when u guy take the photo hahaha

  2. I guess alot of guys will badly effected if u r a LES..... :p

  3. Hmm,what should i comment... >.<
    I've never kissed a guy, and never want to.. lol!

  4. LoL... post it up!! quick!! =p
    or u can mail it to me also... muahahahah...

  5. HitoMe,

    An interesting fantasy post.

    If you were a lesbian, you would ruin the day for many young men out there.

    Seriously, to much emphasis is pressure on someone your age to be "together: with someone.

    Now is your time to grow into an adult. Being 21 means your childhood and years are recently left.

    This is time to grow into the women who you will become.

    Enjoy, and do not be pressured. Do not mistake Mr. Right for MR. Right Now, that can be a disaster!

    Have fun and just be....


    Merry Christmas!


  6. @ FEeQ :
    Haha, that is expected. Why bad news for girls LOL, lesbians dun go around hunting!!
    For your information, there is nobody at the monorail station

    @ jason LCE :
    I wonder if it is

    @ willyC :
    Hee, understandable jek

    @ nikel Khor :
    good good lah

    @ thinKe :
    haha, You can see it here!! I actually blogged about it before

    @ david :
    you have got my name wrong >.<
    I am just saying. I am not rushing into any MR. right now either. Merry xMas!!

  7. HitoMi,

    I apologize for a case of happy fingers on the keyboard! ;-(


  8. LoL... u look different back then... like your hairstyle now better... not too long not too short... =p

    how's ur exam? liberation at last eh? hahah.. can enjoy your x'mas now... =)

    I think david deliberated spelled your name wrongly?? like hito - me? LoL

    yes u r right... dun rush into MR. RIGHT, how about some MR. LEFT like me? hahahahah

  9. Wah.. David sounds very fatherly :D
    I think bad news to the girls if you were a lesbian is because the guys may seek revenge on them. XD Yalah.. because of the girls them guys cannot date you. XD XD

    I'm just saying. :P

  10. Haha sometimes to be in relationship also not that good geh. enjoy single life! :D

  11. @ david :
    Haha, I am just saying ^^

    @ thinKe :
    of course lo. Haha, thanks to my friend who asked me to leave it long.
    HEee, my exam is finally ENDED!!hooray, I can finally RELAXXXXXX
    So, you are the Mr Left oh?? I never see you before leh

    @ mabel low :
    David can be my father for real. BUt Guys seek revenge *erm* i not so sure

    @ wen jing :
    you sound like one now!!

  12. HitoMi,

    Any guy who wants revenge on a girl because she is a lesbian is likely feels his own sexual identity threatened.

    Perhpas jealousy might be a reason considering this is an immature attitude.

    You have started an interesting dicsussion with this post!!


  13. hahahah.. Mr. Left are not easy to spot... you'll see me when the time is left... err i mean right... =p

  14. i would love to see u making out with a girl... lol... just kidding~

  15. @ david :
    Immature guys are just so not my type. COme on, don't do stupid things that will put more people in jeopardy

    @ thiNke :
    haha, mr Left?? I never spot any also. You might be right

    @ henry Lee :
    Whoa, too bad, that is not for Showing


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