Dec 10, 2009

I need an ESCAPADE!!

please allow me to SHOUT here
I am losing my NERVE

ACCA exams will Strike me on 14 to 16 DECEMBER 2009!!!
and yet, I feel I still have TONNES more to STUFF it into my LIMITED brain

TSk tsk tsk
FREAKING random I have been

I just let to find UNPLUG my stressssss

At the same time, I am so Pathetically Struck...

It is GETTING WORSE ever since these few weeks before ACCA!!
Do you think I should claim COMPENSATION from them??!!!

I am MENTALLY tortured!!

Tested few lotions but still they don't work out...
Tried this but it don't really help...



  1. HitoMi,

    You need a quick stress release of some sort.

    You have to do what works for you without taking you away from studies for long.

    Your poor finger tips. Do indeed use a good lotion.

    Winter causes very dry air here, and resulting dry skin and my right thumb has a painful crack.

    BTW, the close ups of you highlight those very pretty eyes!

    Get a little rest, hit the books and review, pass those exams next week and then unwind every way you can.

    Merry Christmas HitoMi!


  2. Is F7 one of your paper in this sitting? Saw "deferred tax" in the first photo.

    Few more day to go. All the best!

  3. Too bad, I'm still in Hong Kong lol. Will only be back on the 16th

  4. Relax girl.. hmm try drinking more water? And don give up on those lotion.. oh and GOOD LUCK for ur exam!!! you can do it!! :)

  5. What happened with ur hand?
    It's that hurt?

  6. omg~~ what happen to your finger?? did u go see doctor?

  7. @ David :
    NOw i wonder what If someday I would be in overseas >.< won't it be worse??
    I Just can't think of it. I have enough. But it just don't get any better.

    @ OngKhengMai :
    Hey dude, you must be ACCA student too. F7 I have exemption for it.
    I am sitting for P1 P2 and P3

    @ siMon seow : sim bo sim

    @ wenPink :
    How can I relax my dear?? *sobz*
    My fingers are getting so pathetically ILL

    @ FEeQ :
    It hurts...esp with the can see the Flesh >.<

    @ ThiNke :
    I din go see doctor. But I bought those medicine from pharmacy. If it still not working, I really have to go see doctor

  8. hmm... i dunno bout your condition, but mine is on the foot itself, is called pitted keratolysis... but i didn't see any doctor tho... =p
    do apply lotion often... it'll somehow sooth your skins....
    good luck to your exams~~

  9. Hmm..studying hard i c.. 0_0 What did u do to ur fingers lar..haha

    Tried Vaseline?

    ..Go find in Watsons or Guardian.. but it's kinda oily.. :P
    I used it on my cracked lips only last time..but not sure bout peeling skin though.

  10. @ thinKe :
    I saw the pictures online, But mine is not like yours. Mine is not spotty but the skin will peel off itself >.< Maybe those detergents I touch too POwerful edi

    @ WillyC :
    I did nothing to my hands. Not I want it also. Sigh.....Vaseline cannot lah!! Later I cannot hold pen or touch paperssss

  11. your dry skin is because mayb u had gastric or bad digestion. I used to have this kind of dry finger, visit many doctor, finally look for nutritionist, and now is recover.


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