Dec 28, 2009

Hannah Tan Charity Concert | artists

5 days before Christmas
20th December 2009
it marked the meaningful event brought by Hannah tan

it is very Sweet of her to have such a thoughtful idea, by bringing cherish to the unfortunates
She simply deserves the Applause for the Good deed

For those whom not there, I must say it is not bad, but there are plenty of crowds went off midway.

it is tiMe for pictures do the talking now~~

We have Shawn Lee DUMbuLubeDum in the House, with Cool masked dancers performing their stunts

And how Could we ever miss the Miss Hannah in this event?
Isn't she Hot and pretty?

Surprisingly, we have Liang as the Emcee cum Singer, David Lai as the Magician, and Pietro as the Full time official emCee for the night.

Wondering what is going on?
Actually, Liang was trying to Bend a Fork *mind that Pietro, that is not Spoon kay* with his ultimate strength but he failed.
On the other hand, Magician David, just need to rub, touch, then the spooN *oops, FORK, pietro's fault* will bend, twist, and even BREAK INTO TWO
It was GOod, bloody Good stunt.

*snap finger*
well, enough of the MagiCssss spell

this eMo guy here, probably going bald, is No other than SAm from INNUENDO that roCked the Night!!
They can go Crescendo, Staccato, Decrescendo, or even Piccato

that is Not all, after the all the Crescendo Largo and Marcato

we even had Mr Violin in Pink with the delicate feature of a Japanese guy, Dennis Lau
*hopefully I am not wrong with his name*
HohoHo, he is pretty handsome and damn Talented!!

Perhaps this is how he looks like after 10years later??

No wayyyyyyy man...I am just kidding.
This JOker no joking kay, BUATAN MALAYSIA tau!!
Proudly present Harikh Iskandar!!
He is bloody funny, and OMG, I dun even know he can Improvise - 100% gifted creativity and sense of Humor.
Oh well, if your future husband is like this, but character wise *JOkerrrr*, will you??


i think that is what he is Doing ; Forgive me, I am obviously crapping. I forgot his name, My fault
But hey, I like his tie, I want one too

Kudos to Hannah for bringing in so many artists performing for the sake of Charity
The kids would be happy to receive moreeeeeeee gifts

UP next :
Hannah Tan Charity Concert | Through hitoMi's lens


  1. Love ur photo... hehe

  2. HitoMi,

    Hannah Tan is not well known over on this side of the Pacific.

    Could post, (or send me) an MP3 of her music?

    Snowing here today, pretty outside.

    Enjoy the last few day of 2009!


  3. Harikh Iskandar face expression is so cute! haha. he looks so familiar eh..i think saw him at somewhere else but couldnt remember for now =x

  4. Great concert! I missed it! Merry Xmas!

  5. oooh david lai~~ a good magician.... funny too~ =)

  6. So fun... >.< lol.

  7. i tot i can c hannah tan in this post d.aiks.haha

  8. @ FeeQ :
    Arigato ^^

    @ David :
    to be frank, I never heard of her songs until on that night itself. She is obviously better than more of the local singers.
    You can try to search out on her official website :

    @ wenJing :
    He is celebrity mah. Sure familiar lo. It is not surprise you might bump into him One day or maybe You did

    @ superwilson :
    The artist line-up is great. I can't be much grateful

    @ thinKe :
    how you know him??

    @ willyC :
    yea, it is!!

    @ Chuan Guan :
    She is in the photo with the dancer >.<

  9. LoL... coz i love to see magic? don't really know him in person lar... just know who he is onli.. =p

  10. Hitomi..I update long time ago liao XD

  11. Errrmm.. hope you don't mind me being frank ya.. from how i was told, i evaluate based on that.. =)

    break the gd stuffs: The pictures are clear... captured the moments.. angle not too bad.. :)

    bad stuffs: this was one of the comments i had too, in which i saw it in yours, too much head space... concert style should alwez hv lesser head space (meaning full body without much space above/below).. also notice there's an overexposure on ur first pic? 2nd pic reflection of lights onto the lady behind HT?

    just MHO.. sorry if i did offend u.. =)

  12. Its Dennis Lau lar~

  13. hey there! i didnt know you were going to the concert. haha! suddenly got someone hit my hand pulak. XD

  14. @ thiNke :
    We all love magic, don't we? more like fascinated by it

    @ FeeQ :
    Paiseh paiseh

    @ jeffro :
    a zoom lens would solve the problem. So it is out of my control and I also dun wan to block people's view. So, we just need the right gear to get the right pictures..

    About the reflection, ya, it is from the spot light. flawed but the MOod is ok.

    @ justin Hee :

    @ dylan Phuah :
    I also din expect to see you too


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