Dec 8, 2009

dream HoMe

Have you ever wandering alone at night?
Have you ever mesmerizing at how tranquility can work its soothing magic at you?
Have you ever thought of how your dream home would be?

If you were to ask me, I will definitely say YES YES YES!!

I want a house with lotsa windows and mirrors, where I could just loOk out to the nature

I want a bar of my own stocked with lotsa different alcohols, where I could just pour a glass for myself and chill alone at the verandah

I want a swimming pool, where I could just have some random Jumping and night swimming whenever I need peace of mind

No connection
No hassle
No random ringing of Phone

That is exactly what I need.
Be it a few days, or few hours
You, the one, will know what I mean
Be it an invitation
Imma looking forward to it!!


  1. wohoo..same as my dream house lei..juz left out no driving area for golfer me..keke..

  2. HitoMi,

    I like your taste in homes.

    When you become a famous and sought after fashion model, or as a extremly successful financial wizard, you can affort that awesome house.

    Please invite you friends over once in a while!


  3. who doesn't want a house like that? LoL... just make sure u got lotsa maids to clean up the house....

  4. much this house cost?

  5. i also want. very peaceful leh~

  6. work for your dream, but sometimes reality forbid it.

    but nevertheless, aim for this and work for it.

    Visit me at My DSLR Days

  7. @ nikel Khor :
    who don't anyway LOL, I am just freaking random.
    When i see photos, it reminds me of my dream house.
    If you were to get a driving range, you need alot of SPACES!!

    @ David :
    thanks ^^ when time comes, I will ensure my family enjoys it as well.
    Sure thing, if I were to stay this nice house but no one ever know about it, then what purpose it serves??
    Cheers to friends ~~

    @ thiNke :
    well, different people might prefer different houses. If I can live in such houses, do you think hiring maid is a tough thing?

    @ aidi-safuan :
    I have no idea SERIOUSLY!!

    @ dYlan Phuah :
    yes, PEACE is the thing

    @ kelvin :
    Yes, reality always fails us. we have more commitments than you might think you will have

  8. My dream house: nothing too big and nothing too small. ...a mini bar, studio and gym would be nice too.. :P

  9. @ willYC :
    studio & gym can be pretty big too!! haha, Good luck sounds like you are going to sleep in the studio


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