Dec 21, 2009

Desa Park City Waterfront Lake View

WooHoo, finally My ACCA exams have ended!!
it means the MISERY was over~~~
NOw it is time for some planning for Christmas eve and new year eve partiesSssss

Shall we lay our back to the coziness of the Sofa, and enjoy the Serenity of the Night??

Hope you Guys enjoy it.

It is a Nice place to have a night stroll, be it alone, or with your friends, or beloved.
I love it most especially when the night breeze brushes through my hair and pats my face
so much of Pampering indeed


  1. YES! x'mas is around the corner... any plan?? heheh

  2. Woots! happy lar u. ;D
    Enjoy urself..

  3. @ thinKe :
    JOm pergi clubbing!!

    @ nikel khor :
    Yeppie yep!!

    @ willyC :
    sure thing dude

  4. WUAHAHAHA.... clubbing eh? long time no go d... old liao... prefer go somewhere not so pack... :p
    come join me for dinner!! just bring along a pressie to exchange... that's all... hahahah..

  5. Always wanted to have some photoshoot at Desa Water Park but no chance to go ler..i wan go! >.<

  6. HitoMi,

    Cheers for you!
    I hope the exams went super well for you!

    Desa Park City looks very peaceful and pretty at night!

    Do pamper yourself and enjoy time with friends and family this wonderful time of the year!


  7. @ thinKe :
    Hee, where?? I see how first...but u must tell me whereabouts

    @ wenJing :
    You stay pretty far from Desa Park too...find one day!!

    @ David :
    NOw just pray hard I don't flunk it. New semester starts >.<

  8. we'll be at "The Village" kuchai lama... ask your frens to tag along too~~ the more the merrier... heheh


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