Dec 23, 2009

ChristMas one MOre day

It is coming very soon.
Tomorrow will be our christmas eve 2009.

Did not have much time to snap around Christmas decorations in Malls, but this is the only One I did

Light soldiersss are ready to be part of the Festival
*say hey Captain*

Have you seen this before?

Let's have a little game of guess, where do you think this place is??

Back to 22nd of December, it is Chinese Tong Yun Day.
It means the Winter has finally started and in few months time, it is Chinese new year.
It is much meaningful than Chinese new year itself, according to my mom.

This round round balls are what we ate = Tong yun
there are some with Sesame paste, Red bean paste; but these in the picture are merely made of Glutinous rice flour

As for today, I skipped lecture again >.<
New colour, new look, Chubbier hitoMi ^^

Merry christmas everybody!!

I am going to clubbing, hopefully the plan works
*pray hard*


  1. Dunno woh.
    Faster tell the answer la.

  2. HitoMi,

    I have to chill,its -1C outside, oh wait not that type of chill.

    Great pics of the lights!

    Sigh, I sent you some lame cartoons ;-(

    Praying for your success with your exams!

    Merry Christmas to you and all your friends!


  3. 1U?? the curve? where will u be tonight? merry X'mas!!

  4. @ kelvin @ thiNke :
    Check out the latest post then you will know

    @ david :
    Chilling~~ thanks for your prayer. I wish I could be passing this time round safe and sound. Merry xmas!


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