Nov 16, 2009

Vivo aMerican piZza & Panini @ the Curve

Hola everybody, have you watched My video on the 5th COmposition??
hope you guys like it though it is ranDom

It would be a torture if I do not post any photosss...
Even myself I can't stand of it!!

Wookie, let's get back to PicaSsss before it rots and *poof* Gone!!

Thanks to Feeq for offering me 20 tickets in total that entitles 20 of You, including us, to watch "THE BOX" starring Cameron Diaz.

this is Me!!

My hair so long has been monthsss. I am going to get a new colour and new hair cut end of this year.

Let's see what we had in Vivo american Pizza & Panini

Oriental Chicken (Chef Recomendation) @ RM18.90 (6pcs).
10" Thin Crust. Add RM4.00 for extra cheese.
Hot, Sweet & Spicy Sauce with Tender Chicken chunks, diced cucumbers and pineapples.
*information from Feeq's blog*

aNother piZza for 4 of us

Sambal Seafood (Extra Spicy) @ RM18.90 (6pcs).
10" Thin Crust. Add RM4.00 for extra cheese.
Special Sambal Sauce, Tuna, Crabsticks, Onions, Red & Green Capsicums.

What do you think??
Looks yuMmy??
But honestly, I won't give the pizzas another try. It is kinda disappointing. I would prefer Domino instead.

Hot chocolate anyOne??

Not sure how would it taste *wink* it is not Mine

Thanks to all of them for the diNner ^^
Guess that is the good thing about dining with Guys??

Shall we see who are they??

this is no other than Mr Feeq, whom offered me Phobia2 tickets and this time, THE BOX tickets!!

another friend of Mine
Guess where we first met??

tzeHow on the left and Eric Hew on the right
I do wonder, are they twins LOL *you get what I mean??*

Hee, this is Me again

Apparently busy answering calls from those who wanted to claim the free tickets from me ^^

By the tiMe I was done


hee, just kidding for sure. I had two slices.
If not How can I tell it is not nice??

There do have set meals. Actually at the first place, I went in because I wanted to try that but ended up ordering pizzass, since they are SPECIALISED in it.

Too bad, it is far disappointing.
The service is slow although not many customers around.
The ambiance is normal.
Overall rating for Vivo : 5/10

THE BOX is not too much of surprises as I have expected

It was set back to olden days where humans are still exploring the Moon, around the age of Viking emerged as the new invention, when being an astronaut is a great ambition!!

Mysterious thing is the Box, which spur the whole story where it links to people dying and an unknown defaced man whom claimed to be hired by unknown BOss

Intention remained unknown but people is dying.
OMG what is the BOss thinking??
Overall rating for THE BOX: 5/10


  1. Good morning hitomi! Woots I smell pizza. Whoa first pic already camwhore pics! I prefer you tie up your hair, look more neat :)

  2. yeah, i even prefer Papa John's to Vivo. though it's rather famous down under.

  3. HitoMi,

    Are you not the lovely lady in red!
    I agree all the food looks yummy, and I am getting hungry looking at them.

    Your closeup shots are great!
    Wonderful red dress for you! You truly have a great face for closeups, beautiful eyes!

    Enjoy the week!


  4. Crazywrazy, the hair gets messier because i tied it up previously Haha!!

    J2Kfm, Papa john I have not tried but I know there is one in Times square ^^

    David, hungry but not yuMMy. DOn't give it another try LOL. It is just a red top ^^

  5. HitoMi,

    Scracthing head..."DOn't give it another try..."

    Vivo's pizza not so good, and you prefer Domino's. I wonder what the difference is between stateside Domino's and Mayasia's.

    My favorit pizza of all time can be found only in one place, sadly some 100km from where I live:

    One reveiw @

    Now if we could get some of that good regional fare you have there....


  6. David, I think domino sells better pizzes then.

    I have no idea whether overseas' dominos are different but I am sure there is slight variety of tastes for different country

    That is sad to hear it is so far away >.<

    According to what I know, we have Pizza hut, Dominos and yellow cab.

    Domino is more to delivery to your home. I love their thin crust.

    Pizza hut is not very flattering. The pizzas are more to thick crust. Though they do offer more variety which I have not tried out for ages LOL

    As for yellow cab, they said it is the best ever, at KL. I only saw one at Jln Dang Wangi, near the clubbing area.

    All these are more economical pizzas and not served in classy restaurant.

    Smackwater Jacks looks exclusively expensive LOL

  7. HITOMI~~

    aik wanna ask how do you make the flash photo on the picture 'spot the difference'..
    can teach me ma??

  8. kwong fei, I use photoscape software to combine it as Anime GIF.You can download it for free ^^


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