Nov 22, 2009

this is How I feel right Now

I have no idea why.

Maybe I am stressed up by studies. I tried hard to squeeze in but I can't.
I found myself lying on the bed and I cried.
I have no idea when was the last time, but I cried again tonight.

I hate that feeling. I wish I was in the vacuum right now.
I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry all out.
HOw silly it sounds but that is how exactly I feel *right now here*

I am tired.
Just let me be.


  1. just take a nap 1st, don't stress urself out^^

  2. well, come to think of it, exam is going to end soon also right? ganbade!

  3. HitoMi,

    Cheer up! Your friends are there for you.

    Stress from study demands, demands on yourself, and unjustified expectations take a toll on you.

    When you feel this way find a way to briefly de-stress, just do something, anything that will divert you from the source of stress.

    Be with a friend, share an icecream, or just take some time to be silly.

    Then again everyone cries now and then just to let out the feelings that we normally do not let out.

    I am fortunate to have a loving wife to help through the occasional rough period.

    I will pray for your well being.
    I trust that by the time you read this you will already feel better! ;-)


  4. hey.. dont stress up urself too much... take it easy.. relax ur mind by listening to songs b4 u continue ur work... hope u r alright there.. :)

  5. thanks everybody for the concern ^^
    I am feeling better now


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