Nov 12, 2009

Namely the Banana Chips

Do you have unusual fetish towards Bananas??
I don't but I am not denying the fact that Bananas are yuMmy too ^^

How about Chips??
Haha, give me anything chocolatier, I am definitely Loving to the max
*but make sure not too sweet to swallow >.<*

Anddddddd, don't be so gross kay...
Imma talking about edible Chocolatessss

Wookie, back from digression.

Let me introduce you this pretty girl here, may I?

aManda Kuan

it reminds me of Quando Quando Quando
Have been loving those swaying tunes lately

the Whole family of Banana Chips

I have been to their performance and seriously I love Cheryl's voice ^^
*cheryl is the lady in the middle*

This is My first experience shooting promo for a band like this.
If only we have more time
I am sure I can get better shots

Sorry for not being able to recall their names
Ahhhhh, sign of growing Old >.<


  1. HitoMi,

    Bananas and choclate go together well. Peanutbutter and bananas make a great sandwich!

    Two very nice b/w photos!
    Amanda is indeed very pretty!

    It was a great opportunity for you to able to shoot a group!

    Your photo portoflio will be better noticed as you add group shoots like this!


  2. David, I am not really fancy banana and Chocolate ice cream though. It is kinda filling LOL.

    Thanks. I wish I have more exposure next time


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