Nov 3, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

hitoMi will be dying soon...
Soon, the boredom will be rotten so badly in me..leaving me with shell but nothing inside

Ahhhhhhhh, I hate examsss...
And fart it, we have to pay for it >.<

*chill chill*
I wish I wish I wish
The list will never end, so does me!!

Soo Soo Soo,

First of all, I wish I have body like hers...
Haha, trimming perhaps?? Throw away those unwanted fatsss, then be slimmo!!
*nodding furiously*

then I can be a MOdel

Dress in the fine designer apparels, professional make up and hairdo and strut your stuffs

here goes My magazine quality Photos!!
Say, who is Malaysian next top MODEL??


Working behind the great scene of Fashion Photography!!

Working with models, top notch or new born, either way, Imma make them pretty

Producing top end qualities of photos

that left them in AWE!!

The satisfaction is Pricelessssss

HOwever without a proper gadget, your life ain't complete
I wish I have a decent laptop

So that I can online 24/7 doing my work anywhere anytime

50% more performance, light weighted, vivid display, always COnnected
Just what I want for photo editing and STAY connected!!
More over, it is just so Sexy ain't it ??


Girls, girls, girls, this is what exactly everybody wish --> spending endless time with HOt, romantic hunks with great personalities...enjoying every second In the entire life!!

Rest assured, I can die peacefully after fulfilling this

Last but not least

shOw me the MONEY!! everybody loves money, everybody needs money, so do I

I want to shop like I have never ever tried

Serious shit, I have not even shop properly!! Being deprived, yes yes, that is it!!

I wonder how is the feeling of having overflowing wardrobe LOL

Do you fall in love with Dell Inspiron 13 too??
OMG, the reflection, I wonder can it use as mirror LOL
Faster grab yours now HERE, and with THIS special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell, you can get RM 100 rebate Purchasing ONLINE!!

OKie, I gotta go.


  1. HitoMi,

    You have some high aspirations.

    Do not discount you own natural beauty young lady. Your Asian features would make you a standout in North America or Europe.

    Caucasian women spend many millions of dollars tanning to achieve the natural color you already possess.

    Your photographic skill continue to improve and one day you will one doing high fashion shoots!

    I agree the Dell Inspiron 13 is a sweet and technically cabable laptop.

    More photos soon!

    However do devote all the time and effort you need to pass ALL your exams with excellent grades!


  2. David, I guess asian would appreciate caucasions as much too ^^ I think it always work that way. You always want to be what you are not

    Yes, I will pass all...

  3. u must love fashion very much ya?
    good luck for the contest :)

  4. thanks ween, I believe most of girls love fashion too ^^


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