Nov 26, 2009

M.C.Asia Music @ KL Live

As the title says, here I am, doing the partial coverage.
I managed to secure a pair of tickets, courtesy of Nigel Tee.

It was happening last saturday, 21 November 2009.
I decided to give it a Go, since I need a break from studies

KL live has replaced the old name of Ruumz.
Ruumz marked my history for it was the first place hitoMi clubbed

The crowds was rather scattered.

By the time I reached, despite being late for an hour or so, it was FunKo Munky spinning on the deck.

The music is neither impressive nor remarkable.
I was bored, seriously!!
I guess that explains the scarcity of the crowds

when the clock stroke 10pm, everything has got HYPED up!!

Great job to Marcus Schossow here, though bit fat, he is Good, bladdy Good.

Yet, I was not staying over.

I have missions to accomplish
I shall reveal to you sooN.

Wee, toNight I would be going to KLCC
hopefully, I will get my nice shots
Oh my, what awaits tomorrow is definitely THRILLING me out
Sunway lagoon, here I come!!

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