Nov 28, 2009

LonesoMe night

Right here, right now
it is all about being ALONE

THe night is young.
And yet the silence I felt penetrated every single cell on my body

That is how it feels to be Lonely.


  1. HitoMi,

    One is never truly alone.

    I trust this has to do with you mission!

    Do let us know.

    Have a happy weekend!


  2. It is a random you feel the loneliness too??

  3. HitoMi,

    When I was single, I knew loneliness.

    There was a time I was not at peace with myself, and when in such a state one will never be attractive to others.

    When I came to accept myself, that I could not do everything on my own or my own terms, including what others think of me, in time I was fortunate with the aid of prayer and acceptance of divinity beyond this Earth, I found more personal peace and in time met the lovely lady with whom I share married life.

    I also believe that thanks to our Lord we are all his children and as such are all brothers and sisterrs.

    Have a great week and enjoy this Holiday season!


  4. David, guess that is how life works out...NOw is preparation for exam time for holiday >.<

  5. hey, y seems so emo! sometimes lonely is good cos it let you to love urself more!

  6. Alvin, NOt really emo worries


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