Nov 17, 2009

it is tiMe to spread your wiNgs

Hello everybody, hitOmi is currently working hard to finish my syllabus before my Big EXAM in December 14-16.

It is very EXPENSIVE to pay 1000++ for these 3 papers, and HOPEFULLY, I can pass it without fail.

By the time has Come, hitoMi will Do whatever she wants!!

Partiessssss, OUtingsssssss, shootingssssssss
Ahh, just one month more....


  1. Before that..concentrate.. :D

  2. HitoMi,

    Study well and pass that BIG exam with a high grade!

    Why pay for 3 paper? Study aides/guides?

    Better to post less often an pass your exams. After December 16 you will be free to enjoy the Christmas Holiday!


  3. WillyC, yes master

    David, I will still post something ^^ If not my readers won't follow me anyMore~~~ I just can't wait for the year end holiday!!


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