Nov 2, 2009

Introducing Ms Quincy

*jumping up and down*
Do excuse me for my demeanor, I just can't withhold my excitement with me for winning the First prize

Wookie, gonna introduce to you another Ms Pretty

I like this photo of hers very much ^^

Sweet to the Max!!

you want more sugarsssssssssss?

Trust me, you just can't get enough!!


  1. HitoMi,

    WOW, another great up-and-coming model!

    Ms. Quincy has the LOOK.

    She is lovely to behold, and each photo captures a different mood and look!

    You may soon get noticed for your fashion photography!

    Keep the photos coming and of course, more please!


    BTW-any Halloween party pics coming?

  2. Chee keong, yea, sugar babe!!

    David, she will be very happy to hear that ^^ no photos on halloween party >.<


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