Nov 14, 2009

hitoMi's ranDom composition # 5

Hee yah!!
Have you been missing what is missing??

No worries, hitoMi is back with some composition.

To be exact, it is just some random striking of keyss...and repetition with different speed ^^

If you want to practice finger work, it is not bad too


  1. haha.. nice!
    although i dunno is wat song n who's song.
    haha.. but, nice lah!!!
    haha.. n i cant hear ur last word,
    why kena cut d? haha...

  2. wowowow
    this random composition is not bad leh..
    i like it when u play it faster and faster..

  3. At 1/3 of the composition, your left hand was too strong as compared to your right hand, causing the right hand to be softer. The more striking part of this composition is the right hand. Try to keep compact your transition btwn black and white keys also at 1/3 of the composition. Otherwise, very good composition. Thumbsup

  4., thanks!! I cant think of any title haha, but it is from me. My last word?? LOL, maybe technical error

    Cheekeong, heee, me too!!

    Crazywrazy, i know. Got bit excited and freaked out lol. You have some music background too??

  5. HitoMi,

    Wonderful playing!
    You truly are gifted with very creative artistic talents!

    You play and compose for piano, you are a photographer with improving skills and you can model in front of the camera!

    Thank you for sharing so much with us!!!! ;-)


  6. I see cw commenting here! XD Oh yes he does have music background. He passed his Grade8 already loo...

    Your composition's great. A bit cheeky i thought. Haha. Keep it up!! :D:D

  7. David, thanks!! I am given with few skills but none of them prevails LOL

    Mabel low, I just found out yesterday night too!! Cheeky, it is what exactly it meant to be ^^


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