Nov 23, 2009

FOoDie tiMe @ station One

It is all about a night
It is all about a Bunch of right Companies
It is all about memories

A birthday with dramasss is indeed what I have been longing for.

No more paparazzi shots this time round
We shall dine like a decent man

Chocolate Shake, anyOne?

Or you prefer Tea?

Drinking itself would not be sufficient To fill your tuMmy

this is Just what You need

Or maybe You prefer this?

wonDer how saliva drooling it might taste?
hitoMi shall reveal the darkest secret of all
*kidding kidding*

Chicken chop is way better than Chicken maryland
I prefer the mashed potatos to be served warm, and not Chilled
same thing goes to the Mushroom sauce

Nevertheless it is a filling meal, both Chicken chop and Jasmine tea
Seriously I have been having hard time sleeping after I had this tea >.<



  1. HitoMi,

    The chocolate shake looks refreshing!

    The chicken meals remind of KFC.

    The first photo of you is just great! That soft smile and your lovely eyes!


  2. LOL I eat western food until sked jor :) I wan Chinese food now :)

  3. Crazywrazy, you can have yourssss when you are back in malaysia!!

    David, thanks ^^ Enjoy the shake

  4. wow so pretty worrr!! nice dress! and chicken maryland has always been my favourite!! :D nice pics!

  5. wenPink, miss you babe!! but this chicken maryland not nice...dun ever order LOL


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