Nov 11, 2009

FliCkr or PhotoBucket??

Ahhhh, I am Indecisive for now
I want better photos hosting!!

Which One I should choose??
Just do me a favor, you tell me, which one is better in these two photos

I would have to pay around RM90 per year for Flickr hosting
For now, Photobucket is still Free, and I have 98MB left unutilised!!

So which one??


  1. why the free storage place not enough to use arh?
    erm. the weakness of flickr is u jz can post pictures or call jpeg lah.. or non-move pictures.

    but photobucket can upload videos, gif files, so, if u really need that, maybe photobucket better lor.

    or jz minimize ur pictures b4 upload, coz the view in pc, the pixels or quality no need to big de.

    jz my opinion lah. haha....
    1st time comment here.

  2., My flickr is exceeding 200photos soon. So i am thinking whether to upgrade to pro.

    It is my portfolio, so basically to include more of which I could use for blogging purpose too

    And you can still see the slight quality of the pictures differences

  3. prefer the first one XD

  4. HitoMi,

    To my eyes photo 2 has slightly better shadow and highlight details. Both shots would have been better with a reflector to help manage the deep shadow around her neck.

    Have you considered using Google's Picasa? Initial account is free with +1.0 Gb of storage.
    Here is a list of upgrades and the price in USD:

    Select a plan:
    20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
    80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
    200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
    400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
    1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)

    Need even more storage?
    Hide more storage options

    2 TB ($512.00 USD per year)
    4 TB ($1,024.00 USD per year)
    8 TB ($2,048.00 USD per year)
    16 TB ($4,096.00 USD per year)

    The prices in RM will be slighty higher. You would have to compare Picasa with FlickR, and Photobucket. I use Picasa and have been happy with the service.

    Picasa link:

    Interesting that Googele does not have Picasa available in Malayasia or SG. You could set up an account with Google US. I have sent links to my Picasa albums to several people in SG and Hong Kong and the links worked. I will send you one shortly so you can see my photo efforts and get a look & feel for Picasa.


  5. haha.. or maybe search more image hosting to put?
    others image hosting?
    or put at multiply?
    haha... still alot place to put lah..
    that's the way to use free lah..
    if wanna use large number in same place?
    then jz upgrade lor!!!

  6. Alvin chew, haha, Now i also blur edi. I cant see the differences >.<

    David, both of the pictures are the same >.< I wil take note of the shadow next time. As far as I know, flickr is much of the choice of the professional. Unlimited upload so long you pay USD 24.99 per year., haha, it is kinda burdensome to keep so many hosting accounts. So, still considering lah.


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