Nov 21, 2009

Birthday party with DraMass

Wooo, everybody is turning 21 this year!!
So does our Miss Hui tiNg on 8th November
*shy shy*
I know it is nearly two weeks from then

So, hitoMi here is dressing up like a princess
Kidding kidding...
the main character is not me

Before I show you the birthday Girl, let me introduce my Fellow ex classmates during Diploma
I have filtered those normal One and selected these "EXOTIC" one

Introducing Ms Akee & Liling

Mr Li khang & Fei
*Fei is a weird weird guy, funny nevertheless*

Mr HOon wee (apparently Dozing off with Thumb UP), Bernard (being chin lifted), Chee YOng in red, Kok foo with his dazzling smile, ray Men in black

5 of us
it is so good to be together again
*my gang*
Introducing Ms lian sim, Geok san, akee, liling and Me!!

18 of them, excluding me, whom took this shot

7guys have been mentioned, leaving the girls.
They are Ming si, Liling, Akee, hui tiNg, su ann, Geok san, Mei ting, siew sin, joanne, lian sim(behind with the guys) & Shiau ying
It is a hard job to intro so many leng luisss wei...

Haha, so, have you recognised who is ms hui Ting??

NO other than the pretty lady with a smeared nose

Heee, this is what happened to the cake

Here is the present
Too bad did not really have time to give another shot on this, it could have been more interesting!!

It was the best gathering ever!!
Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves
Luckily I have my camera with me too, even though it is heavy

Talking about DRAMASSss
here we go
it is rated 18SX and 18SG

Whoa whoa whoa, what is happening over here?!?!

Adui, so fierce the Birthday girl

She seemed to be very happy with it though

See his face?? Damn gayyyy

Fei's best smile ever!! But I have no idea why was he so happy
*spot the word PAY WITH? - I was thinking PAY WITH FEI?*

Why so fierce people??

OMG, I see GHOST!!
*my fingerssss*

I wonder, when will be the next gathering then...

But please don't choose Station One again cause I can't bounce my external flash at all

Sad thing is WHy my birthday could not be any silent
there is nobody celebrating for me at all...
Guess it is my fault for making the wrong decision at all!!

Let's pray hard tomorrow I can have my hands on Golfing for the first time and perhaps got some nice shots from there
It is my first time!!
And hope that tomorrow's MC Asia event would be a Blast


  1. Look familiar, which station one is that?

  2. HitoMi,

    Birthdays are always fun!

    Best wishes for the happy young lady!

    Once again you look just radiant and very pretty in the red top, sort of red hot...!

    BTW are you 21 or turning 21 soon?

    21yrs old, such a time, hmm, well if I could even remember what was like to be 21, such a long tiiiimmmmmeee ago for me.

    Enjoy the weekend!


  3. I am turning 23 soon T.T
    Happy birthday Hui Ting.
    She looks good too :)

  4. Jessen,the one at Genting Klang

    David, enjoy your weekend too ^^ I am already 21

    Crazywrazy, all my girls look good ^^

  5. Waseh... so cool to have such bunch of friends lah! So happening!! XD

  6. Hey mabel, haha, it is fun to see them again ^^


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