Nov 5, 2009

Are you feeling Good tonight?

I gotta feeling that's toNight gonna be a Good night
that tonight's gonna be a Good Good night

*random to the max, and I pick this song to play it right now when I am writing this*

Seriously I have no idea how to start
Too much to be scrambled
*oops, did i just say SCRAMBLED?*
Too many pictures to be Jumbled up in one post
*separating it makes no sense at all*

Let's just ask them
"are You feeling Good tonight??"

aManda : Never be any better esp with Heineken!!

Chung kien : I felt like being trapped in a dark room *Yelping for help*

When comes to Jun, he Gave me this WTF face

By the time my turn, I gave you this "WHERE AM I" look

Haha, plainly to confuse things up JFF (hitoMi's version of JUST FOR FUN)

Here were the six of us in Feeling Cafe!!

*counting again and again & stumbled upon words*
Was it just me or I just see 5 here?

Cheng cheng Cheng CHENGGGGG

See who is missing in the Group pica?
Aiz, you thought you saw a ghost right but too bad he was just Gone before the night ended

alot of things Happened under the same roof

Suddenly siMOn transformed into a teacher

Chung Kien had gone into some kinda self imagination

You see any other camera besides the one on Simon's hand?

Suddenly Jun fell asleep like an Old man

aManda became Sei ngan Mui

Suddenly Jun became Dai Lou

They make a perfect couple right??

Phew, so many suddenssss
that is what happen when Student welfare Committees had their gathering.
Even though there are only 6 of us, we made great companies!!

So you say
Are you feeling Good tonight?


  1. semua manyak cute!! haha

  2. HitoMi,

    I am feeling good even though it is late morning over here.

    The photos are great!

    You and the friends appear to have had a great time together!

    How long before exams?


  3. David, Thanks for the link you sent me through email. It is very useful ^^ One month before exam

  4. haha.. nice facial expressions =)

  5. Kenwooi, thanks thanks ^^


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