Nov 30, 2009


Sorry for being tad bit of serious lately...

Are you feeling the same thing too??

Guess we do, just that we never express to anyone.

It would be long long long period of ponderss
That is how we know ourselves better

Might as well have some change of mood here.
Don't you agree??

Have fun everybody!!


  1. HitoMi,

    Taking things seriouly!

    Very good close up photos of you!
    Your facial expressions are a joy, and very pretty!

    Satu, dua, are Malay?

    Chilly 1C outside right now.
    Winter is coming soon!

    Have a great week and do not forget your studies!


  2. David, it is Malay. So you learn Satu dua tiga empat LOL.

    No worries, I am doing my revision right!!

  3. Having fun with your 50mm?

  4. I haven use it too much!!

  5. be frank hitomi, you look much prettier than before now! :)

  6. HitoMi,

    Thank you for the language lesson! ;-)

    Simnon brought up cameras.
    I learned that Nikon's D300 features 51-point Autofocus
    Features 4 Dynamic AF modes including 3D Focus Tracking.

    What is 3D focusing?

    Pricey camera, $1650.00USD or more than $2500.00 RM.

    I have been looking at the the Rebel XTi (known as the EOS-400D in most of the world), or the Nikon D90.

    Maybe in the new year.

    Have a happy day!


  7. EdwinT, arigato!!

    David, yea, I heard of that too...that is when I was SHOCKED!!
    Haha, not too expensive either. Mine is RM2199 just 1000D entry level. D300 is professional!!


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