Nov 20, 2009

10seConds self Shoot

I am so lazy for words
even lazier for photos
Supposed to be doing some editing, but ended up scanning through mails

this is My first tiMe posting
a video on Self shoot

Didn't expect it to be so small...

Hope you guys enjoy it.
hitoMi has more important things to clear now >.<


  1. HitoMi,

    Yes I recognized you. You are blessed with a great camera presence.

    Delightfully silly and fun.

    It is already Friday on your side of the world, so have a great weekend!


  2. finally i hear your sweet sound..

    it's really sweet..
    i will have a sweet dream now..
    hope you too..


  3. OH MY GOD *fainted and enter hospital*
    LOL you camwhore like those lala muis :P
    Haha, just kidding la. I roll on the floor laughing until stomachache jor :P

  4. David, delightful silly? OMG, haha, i am silly. Definitely I will have a great weekend!!

    Cheekeong, LOL, hopefully it is not nightmare

    Carson heng, Haha, see, i told you...being so freaking random!!

    Crazywrazy, Ooi, faster wake up lo!! expensive leh hospitalisation.


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