Nov 30, 2009


Sorry for being tad bit of serious lately...

Are you feeling the same thing too??

Guess we do, just that we never express to anyone.

It would be long long long period of ponderss
That is how we know ourselves better

Might as well have some change of mood here.
Don't you agree??

Have fun everybody!!

Nov 29, 2009

Purpose of life

Life is given to you without you having control of it
Life is taken away from you without you even want it

Finding yourself lost in life is Common
Who don't?

We are not lead when You are being bought into life
We are left to discover it by ourselves
Finding the purpose of life gives you to direction you need in life

Nov 28, 2009

LonesoMe night

Right here, right now
it is all about being ALONE

THe night is young.
And yet the silence I felt penetrated every single cell on my body

That is how it feels to be Lonely.

Nov 26, 2009

M.C.Asia Music @ KL Live

As the title says, here I am, doing the partial coverage.
I managed to secure a pair of tickets, courtesy of Nigel Tee.

It was happening last saturday, 21 November 2009.
I decided to give it a Go, since I need a break from studies

KL live has replaced the old name of Ruumz.
Ruumz marked my history for it was the first place hitoMi clubbed

The crowds was rather scattered.

By the time I reached, despite being late for an hour or so, it was FunKo Munky spinning on the deck.

The music is neither impressive nor remarkable.
I was bored, seriously!!
I guess that explains the scarcity of the crowds

when the clock stroke 10pm, everything has got HYPED up!!

Great job to Marcus Schossow here, though bit fat, he is Good, bladdy Good.

Yet, I was not staying over.

I have missions to accomplish
I shall reveal to you sooN.

Wee, toNight I would be going to KLCC
hopefully, I will get my nice shots
Oh my, what awaits tomorrow is definitely THRILLING me out
Sunway lagoon, here I come!!

Nov 23, 2009

FOoDie tiMe @ station One

It is all about a night
It is all about a Bunch of right Companies
It is all about memories

A birthday with dramasss is indeed what I have been longing for.

No more paparazzi shots this time round
We shall dine like a decent man

Chocolate Shake, anyOne?

Or you prefer Tea?

Drinking itself would not be sufficient To fill your tuMmy

this is Just what You need

Or maybe You prefer this?

wonDer how saliva drooling it might taste?
hitoMi shall reveal the darkest secret of all
*kidding kidding*

Chicken chop is way better than Chicken maryland
I prefer the mashed potatos to be served warm, and not Chilled
same thing goes to the Mushroom sauce

Nevertheless it is a filling meal, both Chicken chop and Jasmine tea
Seriously I have been having hard time sleeping after I had this tea >.<


Nov 22, 2009

this is How I feel right Now

I have no idea why.

Maybe I am stressed up by studies. I tried hard to squeeze in but I can't.
I found myself lying on the bed and I cried.
I have no idea when was the last time, but I cried again tonight.

I hate that feeling. I wish I was in the vacuum right now.
I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry all out.
HOw silly it sounds but that is how exactly I feel *right now here*

I am tired.
Just let me be.

Nov 21, 2009

Birthday party with DraMass

Wooo, everybody is turning 21 this year!!
So does our Miss Hui tiNg on 8th November
*shy shy*
I know it is nearly two weeks from then

So, hitoMi here is dressing up like a princess
Kidding kidding...
the main character is not me

Before I show you the birthday Girl, let me introduce my Fellow ex classmates during Diploma
I have filtered those normal One and selected these "EXOTIC" one

Introducing Ms Akee & Liling

Mr Li khang & Fei
*Fei is a weird weird guy, funny nevertheless*

Mr HOon wee (apparently Dozing off with Thumb UP), Bernard (being chin lifted), Chee YOng in red, Kok foo with his dazzling smile, ray Men in black

5 of us
it is so good to be together again
*my gang*
Introducing Ms lian sim, Geok san, akee, liling and Me!!

18 of them, excluding me, whom took this shot

7guys have been mentioned, leaving the girls.
They are Ming si, Liling, Akee, hui tiNg, su ann, Geok san, Mei ting, siew sin, joanne, lian sim(behind with the guys) & Shiau ying
It is a hard job to intro so many leng luisss wei...

Haha, so, have you recognised who is ms hui Ting??

NO other than the pretty lady with a smeared nose

Heee, this is what happened to the cake

Here is the present
Too bad did not really have time to give another shot on this, it could have been more interesting!!

It was the best gathering ever!!
Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves
Luckily I have my camera with me too, even though it is heavy

Talking about DRAMASSss
here we go
it is rated 18SX and 18SG

Whoa whoa whoa, what is happening over here?!?!

Adui, so fierce the Birthday girl

She seemed to be very happy with it though

See his face?? Damn gayyyy

Fei's best smile ever!! But I have no idea why was he so happy
*spot the word PAY WITH? - I was thinking PAY WITH FEI?*

Why so fierce people??

OMG, I see GHOST!!
*my fingerssss*

I wonder, when will be the next gathering then...

But please don't choose Station One again cause I can't bounce my external flash at all

Sad thing is WHy my birthday could not be any silent
there is nobody celebrating for me at all...
Guess it is my fault for making the wrong decision at all!!

Let's pray hard tomorrow I can have my hands on Golfing for the first time and perhaps got some nice shots from there
It is my first time!!
And hope that tomorrow's MC Asia event would be a Blast

Nov 20, 2009

10seConds self Shoot

I am so lazy for words
even lazier for photos
Supposed to be doing some editing, but ended up scanning through mails

this is My first tiMe posting
a video on Self shoot

Didn't expect it to be so small...

Hope you guys enjoy it.
hitoMi has more important things to clear now >.<

Nov 17, 2009

Tragic death of POor little Bugger

POor thing, he or she is Found dead in my kitchen
the last thing I saw before I spotted him or her was a Big, fat cat with black and white spot.

the FAT CAT must be the KILLER!!

Are you seeing the Detective in Me??
Kidding kidding.
In fact, I am intrigued by the prospect of spotting a bodiless Lizard!!

it is tiMe to spread your wiNgs

Hello everybody, hitOmi is currently working hard to finish my syllabus before my Big EXAM in December 14-16.

It is very EXPENSIVE to pay 1000++ for these 3 papers, and HOPEFULLY, I can pass it without fail.

By the time has Come, hitoMi will Do whatever she wants!!

Partiessssss, OUtingsssssss, shootingssssssss
Ahh, just one month more....

Nov 16, 2009

Vivo aMerican piZza & Panini @ the Curve

Hola everybody, have you watched My video on the 5th COmposition??
hope you guys like it though it is ranDom

It would be a torture if I do not post any photosss...
Even myself I can't stand of it!!

Wookie, let's get back to PicaSsss before it rots and *poof* Gone!!

Thanks to Feeq for offering me 20 tickets in total that entitles 20 of You, including us, to watch "THE BOX" starring Cameron Diaz.

this is Me!!

My hair so long has been monthsss. I am going to get a new colour and new hair cut end of this year.

Let's see what we had in Vivo american Pizza & Panini

Oriental Chicken (Chef Recomendation) @ RM18.90 (6pcs).
10" Thin Crust. Add RM4.00 for extra cheese.
Hot, Sweet & Spicy Sauce with Tender Chicken chunks, diced cucumbers and pineapples.
*information from Feeq's blog*

aNother piZza for 4 of us

Sambal Seafood (Extra Spicy) @ RM18.90 (6pcs).
10" Thin Crust. Add RM4.00 for extra cheese.
Special Sambal Sauce, Tuna, Crabsticks, Onions, Red & Green Capsicums.

What do you think??
Looks yuMmy??
But honestly, I won't give the pizzas another try. It is kinda disappointing. I would prefer Domino instead.

Hot chocolate anyOne??

Not sure how would it taste *wink* it is not Mine

Thanks to all of them for the diNner ^^
Guess that is the good thing about dining with Guys??

Shall we see who are they??

this is no other than Mr Feeq, whom offered me Phobia2 tickets and this time, THE BOX tickets!!

another friend of Mine
Guess where we first met??

tzeHow on the left and Eric Hew on the right
I do wonder, are they twins LOL *you get what I mean??*

Hee, this is Me again

Apparently busy answering calls from those who wanted to claim the free tickets from me ^^

By the tiMe I was done


hee, just kidding for sure. I had two slices.
If not How can I tell it is not nice??

There do have set meals. Actually at the first place, I went in because I wanted to try that but ended up ordering pizzass, since they are SPECIALISED in it.

Too bad, it is far disappointing.
The service is slow although not many customers around.
The ambiance is normal.
Overall rating for Vivo : 5/10

THE BOX is not too much of surprises as I have expected

It was set back to olden days where humans are still exploring the Moon, around the age of Viking emerged as the new invention, when being an astronaut is a great ambition!!

Mysterious thing is the Box, which spur the whole story where it links to people dying and an unknown defaced man whom claimed to be hired by unknown BOss

Intention remained unknown but people is dying.
OMG what is the BOss thinking??
Overall rating for THE BOX: 5/10

Nov 14, 2009

hitoMi's ranDom composition # 5

Hee yah!!
Have you been missing what is missing??

No worries, hitoMi is back with some composition.

To be exact, it is just some random striking of keyss...and repetition with different speed ^^

If you want to practice finger work, it is not bad too

Nov 13, 2009

have you ever see rainBow?

It is faint but it is there

If you don't, please strain your eyes.
It is really THERE!!

I just wish this photo can be way way nicer but too bad I can't.

Someday I will capture rainbow again!!

If you have time, please take a look at this Video here :
It is touching, sad, but something worth for you to reflect to yourself once again.

If you still think you are NOT having everything you want in life,

Nov 12, 2009

Namely the Banana Chips

Do you have unusual fetish towards Bananas??
I don't but I am not denying the fact that Bananas are yuMmy too ^^

How about Chips??
Haha, give me anything chocolatier, I am definitely Loving to the max
*but make sure not too sweet to swallow >.<*

Anddddddd, don't be so gross kay...
Imma talking about edible Chocolatessss

Wookie, back from digression.

Let me introduce you this pretty girl here, may I?

aManda Kuan

it reminds me of Quando Quando Quando
Have been loving those swaying tunes lately

the Whole family of Banana Chips

I have been to their performance and seriously I love Cheryl's voice ^^
*cheryl is the lady in the middle*

This is My first experience shooting promo for a band like this.
If only we have more time
I am sure I can get better shots

Sorry for not being able to recall their names
Ahhhhh, sign of growing Old >.<

Nov 11, 2009

FliCkr or PhotoBucket??

Ahhhh, I am Indecisive for now
I want better photos hosting!!

Which One I should choose??
Just do me a favor, you tell me, which one is better in these two photos

I would have to pay around RM90 per year for Flickr hosting
For now, Photobucket is still Free, and I have 98MB left unutilised!!

So which one??

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