Oct 5, 2009

why ProJect aLpha but not Beta?

Project alpha has kicked off its deck way earlier but I failed to recall despite my several attempts

Ahhh, dismissing the fact that only those top bloggers who are involved in the production will remember their big day on screen, ain't it??

This is the good thing about being famous

Out of 7 top bloggers under the verge of being uncovered, I do read Sixthseal's, FourFeetNine's, and Kennysia's and so happen that I have pictures with them
*juMping up and down for the glee moments*

Ever wonder why Cheesie not in the league??
I do I do!!
Hmm, but yet another muted silence.

In fact, I was being motivated to blog ever since I read kenny sia's
*doubt he knows that*
Thereafter, I have dedicated myself into the blogoSphere, or in layman term, bloggers circle.

he is Just so sportingly funny LOL

Perhaps this is why he is so FaMous

One question that streaked my mind at this moment
why would they name it project alpha but not project beta or tada tada....
*google searching straight away*

According to Wikipedia, alpha, also known as Type I (α) , rejects the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is true

*biting fingers and exploring on the possible links that popped right into the mind*
Could it be uncovering the unwritten life of each top bloggers that appears to be wrong but infact it is true?
Could it be ...
*running out of ideas*

Come to think of it, every blogger would love to know what those top bloggers have got to take them to be the outstanding one.
*just admit it okie...no need to be indifferent*

HuaiBin here is a total freak to me. He does what the rest don't, particularly me.

He has his very own EUPHEMISM for everything, as quoted from him. He is not who you see
*sounds eerie ain't it??*

Thanks to project Alpha, now we do, with plenty of ease.
You could lay down on your couch, place your lappie in arms-length *wink* and click "PLAY" to watch the daily updates on Project alpha.

or like This *picture from Cheeserland*

Lotsa top bloggers' tips were given out.
Talking about personality, it is something with utter subjectivity.
Everyone have their own but it is up to the readers whether they recognise your differentiation from the rest.

sometimes we just can't help to sigh helplessly that we just can't be them. Ain't it??

Nothing to lose, but maybe something to gain
A little bit of aspiration perhaps or even inspiration to be DIFFERENT, as you may gain from the watching Project Alpha.

so GO WATCH IT everyBody!!
hitoMi with hitoMism here might kicking her way of to the brand new perspective of being DIFFERENT

Nerd you mean ^%$#$^

All the top bloggers are Malaysians!!
OMG, bangga lah kita rakyat malaysia

I just can't wait for Kenny sia's and HuaiBin's videos now. If cheesie was in the list, the same thing goes to her.

P/S: I want the Louis Vuitton Bag too!! Maybe not LV, but definitely branded!!


  1. Alpha Bloggers the idea must be copy from Alpha Male. =)

  2. HitoMi,

    Very interesing post.

    I have noticed you post at Ringo's site quite often. Great photo of you and Ringo.

    The last two pics of you are so sweet!

    BTW, would it be possible for you take a close up photo of the HitiMi arm sticker and email the image, please, please!

    Enjoy the day!


  3. Haha! Well, I did a stunt for Project Alpha which was quite fun. =D

  4. Tolanic, alpha male? what is that?

    David, yea, the same thing goes to you. you have been appearing quite often there too ^^
    what do you mean by takin ga close up photo of hitimi arm sticker??

    Huaibin, hooray!! cant wait to see...when is it your turn?? *cross hand*

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM


    I use ur first picture for my entry on Project Alpha contest.I already give a credit/put a link to your blog there.Hope it is ok with you.

    Anyway,feel free to visit my entry :


  6. Eyriqazz, the picture is grabbed from Nuffnang. Please don't credit me ^^


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