Oct 2, 2009

what is hitoMI's Kitschen Look?

Hey guys, you are right about this. HitoMi is in for a contest.

Basically you need to wear Kitschen clothes and you get yourself changed into them.
Then you pose, and Shoot!!

Here is the best outcome submitted for entry

It is totally unbelievable that how on earth the rest of the contestants could secure more than 1000++ votes that is plain craziness!!

So I need your help here...
Simply click on to my entry and "VOTE" for me. I would appreciate that.

I want that RM500 fashion voucher!!


  1. Thanks single-eyelid boy and dylan!!

  2. HitoMi,

    Very pretty picture of you and Charis! ! !

    Please - more pictures!

    I trust your Friday night is going well!


  3. David, you are always so sweet ^^

  4. walao nice new layout!! im loving ur header! :)

  5. Wen pink, haha, so long didn't hear from you!! how have you been??


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