Oct 17, 2009

ProJect the aLpha Process

I am Back I am baCk!!
Have been busy with Contest entries - New Zealand Ice Cream ("Like" it please??), as well as KitSchen (soMe with 12000++ votes OMG), and now ---> Project Alpha aGain

I have doNe it once and surprisingly I WOn the first prize
*RainBow arching from my ROoftop LOL*

Imma going to Blog aBout Mr Kenny Sia this tiMe.
Kan saya pernah Cakap he is My mentor

He was a Physic & electronic enGineering student, so I guess he knows this
*or perhaps he don't*
 [\alpha/Fe] = \log_{10}{\left(\frac{N_{\alpha}}{N_{Fe}}\right)_{Star}} - \log_{10}{\left(\frac{N_{\alpha}}{N_{Fe}}\right)_{Sun}}
This is what WIKIPEDIA named as ALpha Process

According to Wikipedia, Alpha process (or alpha reactions) is one of two classes of nuclear fusion reactions by which stars convert helium into heavier elements, the other being the triple-alpha process.

You must be wanting so much to Whack me already for projecting some IRRELEVANT stuffs
*la la la...*
but you see, those top bloggers had underwent all the nuclear fusion reactions which convert them
from Helium (nothin substantial) into Heavier elements (Celebrities today)

*ah dum be dum da*
Yes I (helium) crapped.
But it makes sense, don't you think so??

KenNy sia, hilarious on his own mean. I believe each and every one of us wants to see something funny, ain't it? And kennY sia gives you that ELEMENTE

NOw you see it.
Sometimes I wonder, if he is a She in past life LOL

Oops, maybe she is!! Checking the so-called WOMB??

Rich, famous, funny - is it not the perfect boy friend?
However, the reality shows it is not everything

Okay, apart from his physical appearance, I do believe character wise is essential
*if you wanna see his YOGA haha, must watch til the end!!*

Almost miss out one thing, if he was ever the boy friend of yours, you must endure the agony of going through long term relationship since he has so Much of travelling to do.
*sini, sana, situ, yang jauh tu...*

Being in relationship is not as easy as you think.
that is why Imma still single juga

*this is real, this is me, i know exactly where i am suppose to be now, gotta let the light ShiNe on me*
This conveys what I want to say.

Someday, Helium will turn into Heavier element, it will, Have faith


  1. HitoMi,

    A very fun post!

    That last photo of you is just
    so, so, so sultry! ! ! ! !

    Enjoy the weekend!


  2. buttercup10:52 AM

    Perhaps I did not study enough or my understanding is still bad. Hahhaha. I still have little idea about that alpha process but... i don't understand this post!!

    enlighten me! XD!

  3. Thanks david ^^

    Buttercup, chill chill, I just trying to link two non connecting topic together LOL

  4. wtf kennysia's armpit hairs == my eyes!!!!

  5. Wen pink, Close eyes close eyes LOL.. he posted in his blog juga, some more got chest bulu

  6. LOL.... U dun hav BF ? impossible LOL

  7. Tony, serious shit!!


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