Oct 23, 2009

Moment of Self realisation Featuring Charis Sim

SometiMes I do wonder

why am I here
who am I

What have I got after all these I have done?


Why all these, can Somebody tell me??


  1. what happened? r u okay? chill yea..

  2. I am ok...just sayin something on behalf of her. But I do feel that at times

  3. HitoMi^^,

    Another wonderful shot playing with the black, grays and white.

    Can you share you idea and goal for this image?

    BTW, give a big thank you to Charis!

    She is a lovley young lady, blessed with a marvelous complexion, and natural beauty!

    May you and all your friends have a great weekend!


  4. HitoMi^^,

    Feeling frustrated & betrayed!

    As an artist feeling frustrated is not unusual. Most artist are always their own harshest critic.

    You had a rought week with your exam scores, that had to be a disapointment.

    I do hope no one has betrayed you, that usually ends friendships.

    Do not feel that your efforts are not appreciated. Self satisfaction is entirley different.

    Only HitoMi knows what drives her and motivates her to achieve.

    Only you my young friend know your own goals. Do not be surprised that one cannot achieve all of lifes goals at the same time.

    Concerned about you over here!


  5. You sound like how I feel also.LOL.

    Anyways nice pictures, look emo.haha. Anything just cheer up aite babe. =)

  6. David, I know, it bet lots of people felt the same thing when they are doomed. Will do, things will turn out to be better

    Samantha kong, *hug* it is ok. Just don't dig yourself deeper into the hole

  7. wah...anything wrong between u and her? take care yeah!

  8. Vialentino, nothing wrong between us. thanks for your concern ^^

  9. hey hey thanks David well yes i do feel that every now and then...


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