Oct 21, 2009

Model photoShoot Featuring Charis Sim

Today is final intensive class
*self declared*
Waving off unnecessary attendance in lectures, I Must start to self study at home from now on, and spend less time in reading fiction

I wish I have more shooting to tag along

As promised, this is the Model photoshoot that I have promised earlier

You might know her, Cause she has lotsa friends here and there

At the end of the day, we will say concurrently
the world is so small

I love you guys

you guys love me too??


  1. she's ur friend is it?

    and u re enhancing ur photography skills by taking her pics?

  2. HitoMi,


    A great photoshoot.

    Theses three photos captures
    Charis in different moods, and aspects.

    The first close up wonderfully captures her eyes and face.

    The second photo plays with light, and highlights all the white, and Charis has a most thoughtful look as if ready for her next action.

    Overall these are WOW photos.

    You skill grows and it shows in this shoot!

    Now more photos of model HitoMi please!


  3. Wee~ I'm the first.LOL!
    Really small world I got to say, Charis used to be my senior in high school and you 2 study at the same college.haha. Nice pictures of her, especially the first one which displays her eyes beautifully. =)

  4. Goingkookies, she is My friend of course ^^ I am still learning so she becomes my model lo

    David, I think colour is my weakness, these batch of photos still lack something. I wish I have more focus points in my camera >.<

    Samantha Kong, I know you and her are friends ^^ thanks

    Tony wan, when wanna let me shoot?

  5. HitoMi,

    Closeups of the type you shot are a challenge.

    I tried something simlar years ago with a 35mm camera, and never achieved the results I desired.

    Film & developing cost made multiple shots costly.

    Back to your shoot, play with depth of field, a wider angle lense can offer some unusual option for closeups.

    Colour control can often be improved by adjusting the white balance prior to the shoot. One really must match lighting and white balance.

    BTW, how many focus points on your Canon?

    Your shoots are getting better, and you are learning from each shoot.

    I am impressed with you efforts, and am sure that you will grow into a fantastic photographer!


  6. David, 7AF point only. My friend has 51 >.< OMG, now I want more AF points!!

  7. 7AF is a little little, but 51 is perhaps too many to handle easily, haha... dunno which one to choose perhaps?

    Anyway, the photos are GREAT! Charis is very pretty.

  8. 51 is very easy when you want to focus selective point. At least better than 7 LOL

    Thanks ^^

  9. HitoMi,

    Multiple focus points are useful.

    If your camera has a manual focus option you might find that more useful for achieving the image you desire for closeups. Even with 50+ focus points you are leaving the focus decisions, (depth of field) up to a computer program.

    You are source of creative imagery, the program has no imagination.


  10. David, if I have it, i will fully utilise it for sure!!

    But that is to say, "IF"

  11. hitomi, the girl posses a flawless skin..

    anyway, i don't love her..
    but i do love you~


  12. Cheekeong, thanks ^^ I have flawful skin LOL


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