Oct 6, 2009

Imma feeling Lucky

The past week had totally blown my mood. Deeply frustrated with lotsa things in my mind.
Studies, cash, travelling...bla bla blu bleee

But things have been getting better off.
it better be, or not, I have no idea how hysterical I could be.

Imma feeling lucky for real.

Just now I went to pick up my mailbox (real one okie, not the one in hotmail or yahoo), I spotted an envelope addressing to me.

Surprise, of course, I would not have thought it is from Nuffnang from the First place.
wHen i saw HSBC logo, i was like "huh?? I have no account there wei!!"

One month back, I seriously in liquidity problem, I wanted the cheque so badly that it had never come to me >.<
But it is still reaching in time.
My cash flow is stagnant, squeezing at times due to lotsa mandatory expenses.

Remember Digi Birthday Bash in Bar Celona (DBB in short) last saturday?
Unexpectedly I have got this A4 paper which I have to squint my eyes looking at the tiny words in the club

WootZa, RM200 Lois products!!
OMG, I can run up and down like a Chicken *jumping at the same time*
Shopping without spending, SPLENDID!!

This one You have seen it, Rimmel make up goodie, which is again, won from BAYWATCH-ing lol

*ehem* exclude the phone please...I wanted a phone so badly but still $$$$ matters

aGain, from Digi, got this as weekly mystery prize for blogging about My ultimate Birthday Bash

KUKU BAR what a horny name LOL but good treat after all, though I expected something better bolder
*sorry for the mere greed*

Alas, I could get back my Canon EOS 1000D after 6days of separation

It has been an ass kicking agony to travel all the way from Batu caves to Shah Alam, Got lost in transit, got f*cking fed up with the routes
*blame all to me for not bringing the maps*

*take a deep breath*
it was freaking OVER now...it is DONE.

Imma going to redeem it and get ready for Canon Photomarathon this saturday...
IF i stil have the tinge of luck with me still, I wish I could get the lens or the canon 500D
*okie, let's be realistic, just let me win something. I need the $$$, anything will do*

Last but not least, please vote for me!!
I need the Kitschen RM500 shopping voucher badly too
*sending flying kisses for those did*


  1. HitoMi,

    You got my vote!

    Last picture of you is adorable!

    Get your camera back...quickly.


  2. I shall wait till thursday LOL

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I saw the amount RM136.00. lol

  4. joshua, you are so mean....

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Tat is alot weh! I dun even have tat's much of money =P

  6. Where got where got


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