Oct 25, 2009

I'm SportsWoMan

Thanks to Charis Sim for spending few hours with Me, personally *wink*

Here you go the final piece featuring I'm Sports Woman

Going miles and miles to the final destination
TARGET is what we call it
that is how Drive us in life

Endorsement anyoNe??

imma Editing photos...wah, still got so Much to do leh
*wiping sweat*

by the way, remember the Kitschen post I have done previously??
Now that I have got into TOP 10
I need to get as MORE LIKES as possible in Facebook

Could you guys do me a favor??

Just click on this link

you will see this photo again

All you need to do is Click LIKE

but then you need to join as Kitschen's fan at their fan page (embedded link)
or You may want to be tagged in the photos?
Just give me a Budge, add me in facebook

In return, I will belanja you guys maKan

See..too bad I din win New zealand ice cream contest
If not really got REAL ICE CREAM leh...

Cheers~~ Hope to win this.
Thanks everybody for reading and specially appreciates those who actually voted for me


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Another great photo!

    The lighting is perfect, you caught her eyes and hair looking very natural!

    Bravo and thanks to Charis for working with you!

    To lovely ladies producing beautiful photos!

    Enorsement gives for both of you!


  2. Hey carson, love to hear from you!! thanks alot!!

    David, as flattering as you always do. Thanks ^^ room light is the only source

  3. HitoMi^^,

    Natural light can often yeild great results. Soft shadow and wonderfully highlighted details, everything you have caught in this photo.

    Tell if the window was north facing.

    A north facing window offers a great soft light.


  4. I have no idea which direction the window is >.<

  5. HitoMi^^,

    No idea, no problem, you handled the lighting with skill and shoot shows the result!

    BTw, the expression on you with the icecream is great!

    Do you have ColdStone icecream over there? Really yummy and very RICH, meaning fattening.


  6. DAvid, we dont have coldstone here...I am afraid it wil be hot stone


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