Oct 1, 2009

hitoMi went for HoNeyMoon

hitoMi went to HoNeymoOn
do you believe it??

It is true, I swear, of course with my friend ^^
Don't gape at the fact that I went to honeymoon with a friend.

Come on, it is just a dessert shop!!

Now you have a clearer picture, don't you??

They serve all sorts of desserts, from normal HOng koNg style, to brand new mixtures with fruity sensation, you name it you have it.

The desserts are not bad, too bad it don't come with cheaper price tag. Basically you can have better food, especially those filling one, with the similar price you are paying.

Besides, you can shop for souvenirs if you want

Cute couple pressie up for grabs!!

Wonder who I went with??

TaDa, is it him??
No no no, I just met him to return his 50mm prime lens.
NOw I miss the prime lens edi >.<

Here you go.
Monsieur siMon was my date of the day.
we Decided to go for some dessert after Michelangelo.

Ahhh, I wish I have more cash to spend. Now that my camera is sent for service, I have nothing much to do rather than reading Bryce Courtenay's Tandia


  1. At first I thought why my face changed already lol.

  2. hitoMi,

    Yummy - more calories for my fatness to absorb!

    Hmm, durian. I have never experienced this unique fruit. My wife has, she cannot take the smell. She does remember eating candied durian that was quite good.

    It appears you have acquire a taste for durian, yes?

    The photos with SiMon are cute. His faces are to say the least unusual. Your presence in front of the camera gets better with every picture.

    You have great eyes, and a lovely smile. Add this to the expressiveness you have shown in other shoots show the promise you have as a model or spokesperson!

    It is Friday over there, have a wonderful weekend!


  3. wah a lot of ex ex foood! lol

    hennessy i wanna go toooo! lol
    but no tix like u =(

  4. Simon, you serious?? I still recognise monsieur siMOne...

    David, hehe, I love durian, give me tonnes i can finish them all - Finger licking GOOD!!
    That is just angle wise, that I have just tend to present myself better in self shoot photos ^^
    have a nice weekend too!!

    Ewin, hee, once awhile only...will broke one... I wan to go >.< any way to get??

  5. lol honeymoon pulak..
    nice pictures..
    nice place.. =)


  6. HitoMi,

    Was your home in Malaysia shaken by the two earthquakes to the west in Indonesia?

    I trust you and your friends are safe.

    The city of Padang has been devestated.

    Between the typhoon that caused many deaths in the Philippines, and the two earthquakes, this has been a bad week in much your region of the world.

    I have prayed for all those suffering, and sent a donation to the international Red Cross for relief efforts in Asia.

    Have a good weekend!


  7. milk with durian and red paste....wonder how is the taste like....smile ur ads back...tq

  8. Kenwooi, thanks, it is a nice place esp for couples LOL

    David, i am safe and sound. Didn't really feel the shake though my friends were saying they did feel it >.< hmm, that is nice of you.

    Vialentino, the taste is aWesoMe!! esp for me the durian lover...not too sweet and just nice

  9. where is this place?
    expensive r? feel like going paktor.. :D

  10. Honeymoon lo...it is the name of the restaurant...

    Can say quite expensive...the two desserts cost us 20++


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