Oct 11, 2009

hitoMi featuring JoaChim & sHasa

Yesterday's Canon Photomarathon was interesting but too much of technical errors that cost us too much fatigue of walking and too much of Calories burning to the extent that My tummy kept growling for food!!

Currently suffering from body ache and still need tiMe to process my pictures.

LooKing back my Photo Directory, it has been 2 months since JOachim tan is Back to Beijing.

This Big guy is a Big Bully, but still, I miss him.
*Taken on the night of departure*

He is an actor by nature. He pretended to be COol.

Nevertheless a good boy model but never take orders from people.


  1. This pan mee look so yummy!!!
    3 meals of pan mee a day! Lol =)

  2. Hee, this pan mee?? Girl, you are at the wrong post lol...

  3. haha, still in pan mee topic meh?

    btw, i can see smtg bad from your 2nd pic..

    text me privately, then i will tell you..

  4. Cheekeong, where is the something bad wo...nothing wrong leh

  5. got got got..
    you have a double chin..
    no offending..

    but, you are still cute~

  6. HitoMi,

    So what happened at the Canon photomarathon.

    Technical glitches, what kind!

    Sadness, I imagine this means no photos from the photomarathon?


  7. ahhh, David, pictures in the process....means got photos


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