Oct 27, 2009

fab'louz PhotoShoot

Hey peeps, hitoMi will give you more Pretties this tiMe

Basically, tHis is what I was up to Last sunday - a Photoshoot for fab'Louz boutique!!
thanks to Joyce for giving me this opportunity ^^

You can visit their Blog, and Facebook profile

Their collection from A to Z - dress, top, heels, accessories!!

It makes me feel more like Model Photoshoot, because this pretty lady here is very Good

Poser in nature & definitely not camera shy

Do you want more??
Haha, comment comment!!
I shall post more if I have got 10 comments ^^


  1. yaya, i want more!!
    that's why i'm here~

  2. HitoMi^^,

    Of course I want more of your photo shoot!

    These are very good shots, compostion and lighting wise.


    Lunch time here, I have not stopped working until now- 3 hours on one spreadsheet....

  3. Gimme More~!! Gimme Gimme More~!! I wan hitomi as model can?

  4. CHee keong, okie, so efficient...

    David, Whoa, it must be a very complicated spreadsheet then ^^

  5. post up more photos. those with nice dress, don't wanna look at the girl. outfit is the main point! XD

  6. ms Xeroz, thanks ^^ but i am the photographer leh

    wilson super, wil do will do

    Copykate, i know you are so into fashion ^^

  7. HitoMi,

    I agree with you.
    Let the photographer choose her subject matter.

    More photos please!


  8. i want her dresses so bad!!! ><

  9. David, there are moreeeee

    Sirei, heee, yea, I do too


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