Oct 29, 2009

Fab'louz BoutiQue - Shopping Spree!!

Though not many comments
*counting with fingers then nod*
But still, I would love to post it more ^^

She is Superb, Potential model in future

Here is the poison

It just makes you wanna pimp up your wardrobe so BADLY

Serious shit right??

If you wanna shop for fashionable OL outfits

You are not at the wrong site either!!

it is happy to shop, I wish I have cash cash cash~~~

Will update about my Project alpha prizes soOn


  1. HitoMi^^,

    You photo shoot of this young lady is a treasure trove of great shots.

    She has great presence in front of the camera, and you must have a good rapport with her to capture her facial expressions so well!

    BTW who is this mystery model?
    I do not remember reading her name.

    I fewer words, this shoot is just hot!

    When does model HitoMi make another appearance?


  2. Yes more of her!

    WHO is she?

  3. HitoMi will not make her appearance yet haha!!
    Stay tuned.

    Her name is Mable...wanted to add her in Facebook but failed. Maybe she gave me the wrong email?

  4. Mable, a good name, indeed.
    a good appearance, indeed.

    she makes my day~


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