Oct 5, 2009

Digi Birthday Bash @ Bar Celona

My precious Canon 1000D was not with me yesterday Night
that would not be too bad right, at least I can go Clubbing for real, and not with the Bulky camera

*suffering from lack of sleep after Bar Celona; time : 4am WTF right??*

Bar Celona, not as grand as MOS. In fact, it gave me a hard time Locating for it

So did the traffic.

On my way home from Setapak after work, I have got myself stuck for extra 30min than usual (6.15pm --> 6.45pm).
Make up and journey to Desa Park City took me another 45min (7.30pm).
By the tiMe I reached Bar Celona, it was 8.30pm.

I managed to secure my pass, on the courtesy of Jacqueline
*korekking her picture now*

siMOn seow & Jacqueline won ODM couple watches, with the Chips they managed to Gather from the others, but not much to win the grand prize of All-Expense-Paid-Jawa-trip!!

Surprisingly Zoe asked me sorta question like, "Since when there is such brand named ODM??"
She is cute, ain't she??

I had a cup of Vodka on rock running down my empty stomach. Resorted to Grab some food with siMon, for fear that I might get myself in gastric.

But right before that, we went on a missionary task to ATTACK digi Ambassadors. Reason being, to get as Much chips or Goodies from them

See what you have got to do?? Baywatch style LOL, I have got the same thing twice!!

But goodness, that is how I managed to get Rimmel Make up stuffs, worth RM150?? ( i Have no idea though)

the Lip stick is real smooth, I can't even feel I have applied It SERIOUSLY!!

OKie, a picture with siMOn

yes right, we went HOneyMoon and Michelangelo LOL
Nothing fishy okay...

a Pic with Stephy, just got to meet this pretty on the night itself

ODM again!! haha, so nice right?? If I were her, I will sell it off to get some $$$

a Pic with nicol

Why she always look so distracted anyway??
*shh, maybe another hot hunk over there??*

The event kicked off with a live band performance right from the entrance onto the stage in Bar Celona.

Dancers, bands, rappers, they are just so Cool!!

We had Honey Madu & Liang in the house

I have to say, Honey madu is a real sweet HOney

she is Cute, adorable, and FUNNY!!

Apart from the free flow, goodies, performances by Friendz and great prizes, there was no refreshments.
I would say it is not that worth it to pay RM20 or RM30 for the tickets.

TOo bad, I missed Friendz's performance...
the Event has came to an end rather early.
SOon after the grand prizes were given out, the dance floor was open for everybody again.

It was signalling "HAVE SOME FUN BABE!!"
That is more like it right?? Pity my legs...is now suffering from the aftermath LOL

OKie, gotta sign off right now.
It is time to hit the sack again.
*wink it off and restoration in process*


  1. HitoMi,

    You do look tired in pic #1, but a good kind of tire you have after a night of great fun.

    Even your tired eyes still look intense!

    Did carry out the task of running
    Baywatch style? ? ?

    Please, please share the video or photo if this took place!!!!!!!

    4AM!!! I cannot stay up that late anymore. It is hard enough getting at 4:30AM for work every day.
    Hmmm that would make for 30 minutes of sleep, no, never, never would work for me...

    Grades, dear young lady, you said you would share the results of your academic endeavors.

    Have a great week.


  2. David, under the make up you will see a real tire face LOL...

    I did the baywatch style, and that is how I have got my Rimmel make up goodie.
    NO video or pictures for that. I was doing for Goodie sake.

    In fact, I waited for 3 hours for my friend to come back and sleep over her place >.< regretted for not going home...

    grades are not out yet.

  3. Opsss...just curious...David, you start work at 430am...what you works as???? =_="

    Hehhe...hitomi....Great to know u had a great night...Barcelona...Hmmmmm.....i went there last time..cannot be compared with MOS leh..heheh!

  4. Elaine, nice to meet you too.. Sorry for my short term memory, do we greet each other that day?? Bar celona is so *sigh*

  5. Elaine,

    I wake up at 4:30AM.

    I leave for work around 6 AM, and start work at 6:30AM.

    Okay everyone, back to work or school.


    BTW: Thought of school days make me sigh, so, so long ago. The thought of those easy days...
    Sigh, sigh...

  6. Got the watch in a right time since both my other watches are out of service lol. What's so fishy of going to My Honeymoon and Michaelangelo. I also went to Italiannies wat lol.


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