Oct 8, 2009

Chili Pan Mee

*Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way*
It is way too early but still, I love christmas songs.
Excuse me please

This post is specially posted upon request by ScanSeng, or BloggerBOy, whom have been
yearning for more foodssss

*Jeng jeng Jeng*

Aiz...being poisoned by Jeremy >.<

WooHoo, have I told you before, of all the Mee, I love pan Mee the most??
I can have Pan Mee for 3 meals in one day!!

Have you been to this particular restaurant named after "Chili Pan Mee"??

This is their faMous dish.
Served dried and you can add as Much Dried chili as you want
*Perspirating due to overloading the Chili into my dish*

by the way, it is RM5 each. Not too filling. Just nice for a girl like Me ^^

we ordered Sui gao as the side dish. Basically it is minced meet wrapped in a layer of flour made skin and Cook with soup

If you are running out of drinks, this would be the right thing to Go after ^^

Enjoy it, BLOGGERBOY!!


  1. arghhhhhh!!!

    i want it..
    i'm going out to search for it now..


  2. Cheekeong, got any branch in penang??

  3. got is got la..
    but i don't think the pan mee origin from Penang lo..
    it won't be so tasty as yours 1..

  4. HitoMi,

    All that food looks so yummy!

    Gotta find some good Asian food this weekend.

    Hmm, my waist line is already expanding, bad, bad.

    Have a fun, fun weekend!


  5. Anonymous11:47 PM

    My house there also got, Pandan Indah.

  6. Cheekeong, I also duno where Pan Mee originated from... But the chili pan mee not much special edi...after eating like 5 to 6 times...

    David, Malaysia food the best I can tell!!

    JOshua, hee, pandan indah so far from my house


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