Oct 16, 2009

Canon PhotoMarathon @ sunWay LaGoon - Part II

Phew, finally, I am having some solitary moment to blog.

Yesterday Night was a blast!!
I went to my friend, Yee Hern's birthday. I have no idea since when the birthday boy or girl has to be drunken, but we made him so LOL and he just Zzzz peacefully in the Zouk BarsoNic

no Piccas, but Met Louis Xin.

She is how she looks like in her blog and she is so Tall
*thanks to naughty JOsh for the Sign*

Good it was fun but bad I was badly injured >.<
The power of Stiletto

DAmn barsoNic's design, made me Fell twice and gave me this big patch of BLue Black

Back to Canon photomarathon. We are given 3 themes to shoot.
#1 Red, #2 Splash, #3 Shooting in progress

I am sure all of us have more than one photos for each theme.
For the theme "RED"

THanks for SiMon for the casting and he definitely stood out behind the Wooden Door.

This is a rather normal picture

For the theme "SPLASH"

Found a random Girl to help out when SimoN was nowhere to be found.
Got feel or not??

Pity siMon for the countless take but I am glad I have one I have liked much ^^


Overexposed but I kinda like the effect. Somehow I feel he looks like MiKe Yip

Another version with a little splash. I was kinda indecisive with which to submit so I chose another one.

It was fun, as I said, but too bad, I didn't even win some consolations.
I guess it is my mistakes that fail me out.


  1. poor thing, make sure got put medicine on your wounds aite babe. nice pics! wish i have a dslr.wuwu

  2. HitoMi,

    Really enjoying your photos!

    The use of color, action, and water are captured well and you not only capture those features but also tell the story of the moment.

    So Louis Xin is tall! You must be taller than average. You appear a few cms taller than your friend.

    And you are both pretty ladies!

    More photos soon, and have a wonderful and magnificent weekend!


  3. Samantha, thanks girl. Will put. Ahhh, what a bad night after all

    David, The story is there, but just need to work out more on overall composition. Louis actually squatted when we took the photo. Need time to recover instead LOL

  4. eh very nice pictures!
    not really a 'marathon' huh.. haha..
    dont worry bout the mistakes, we all learn everyday!
    all the best =D


  5. Kenwooi, thanks dude!! Marathon?? not really lah. More like missionary.

  6. Those pictures are awesome! Especially the swimming one...=D Nice nice~

  7. thanks JOshua, you can do so too!! With panasonic lumix


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