Oct 14, 2009

CaNon PhotoMarathon @ Sunway LaGoon - Part I

It was just Last saturday.
On this very day, I took a day off from my usual routine, and headed to Sunway Elephant walk for this very First experience of mine.

Of course I was not alone.

this is Mr Salmon aka siMon aka sa-Mon, tagging along for the competition

We reached around 6.45am and it was way earlier than the prescribed registration time.
So it was very little people at first.

But when we headed to the Amphitheatre

WootZa, the THRONGS!!
Can you sense the intensity of the Competition??

It was bloody red mass.

Everybody, including Me, had to wear it throughout the competition

I had lost track of the time as it had been a Long Long day...
I was deprived with Hunger, not that I didn't eat. I did.
3 wholesome meals.
Guess too Much of calories burning for wandering all around Sunway LaGoon

Here are the photos I have submitted for three themes




SoOo, the ultimate question : WHAT are the 3 themes stipulated??

I had been in Sunway Lagoon for the longest period in my life
14 HOURS!!
I was suffering from lack of sleep >.<
The result was not out STILL when we left.
Thanks to the technical error of Canon.

I would have been at home resting at 7PM if I were to leave before the Result was out.
If only I did
*exhaling deep breath*


  1. HitoMi,

    Your 3 photos are excellent.

    You managed to capture mood, color and action!

    I truly admire your ability to compose photos. I lilely do not have the skill, or just might be to lazy to take the time to compose great photos.

    (I have to admit using my Canon in point & shoot mode save some pictures.)

    Your abilities as a photographer and model continue to grow.

    I wish you great success and always look forward to your creative efforts!


  2. THere is a lot of things to learn still..I am still learning.

    Even those 3 photos I have submitted, I think I could have done better...There are errors of composition I have made >.<

  3. Good! Maybe u got a lil bit of composition and exposure problem... But the ideas are very creative and fresh!

    Haha.... there're many photography frens around me... the weird trend is... guys are pro on those setting and skills ; but girls are more creative LOL.

  4. HitoMi,

    You are going to do well as your photgraphic skills develop.

    I am curious, can you elaborate and what composition elements you would have changed in your photos.

    I thought the images captured some powerful color and very different moods.

    Then again I am not a graphic or photographic professional.

    Keep the photos coming, the world is applauding your efforts.
    (okay that little part of the world who follows your site.)

    Have a happy Friday and great weekend!


  5. Tony, maybe you are right. Guys tend to go more technical. Haha, the idea of mine is not bad. But too bad, can't get me to win.

    David, the problem with first picture is the Belt and the bench leg. it is kinda Distracting. TOo bad I only saw it when I submitted the photos.

    The seocnd one will be better if I could get the head in the photo

    Third one just lack abit of OHm haha...

  6. HitoMi,

    Judging ones own creative efforts is always difficult and entirely the realm of the photograher.

    My wife and me are going on a fall color drive this weekend. If I get any decent photos I will send you the link so you can see my hacked efforts. I do not have a good eye for composition, so my artistic photos tend often to be missing something, which is the point of compostion.

    Translation needed for -
    "...just lack abit of OHm haha."

    What is the literal meaning of
    Ohm haha?

    Have a fun and safe weekend, and watch out for random stilettos.


  7. David, hope you have a nice holiday too!! Ohm is actually a physic term. In this case, we use it like Great impression or the power to impress

    Haha, I will have to wear stiletto next time


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