Oct 26, 2009

Ants talk Ants TroOp Ants AttaCk!!

HitoMi is freaking random and has been stalking on net for more than 5hours
WTH I feel myself so damn retarded!!

Once upon a time

there is this little girl, HitoMi, wandering around the house and then she spotted this!!

whoa whoa whoa, Aggresive ants

On their heads, you can see the BIG BIG words

Red ants!!
Better don't disturb them...I don't want to be bitten >.< *flee-ing and get ready with my camera then Chik chak chik chak and Flee back to my room*


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Indeed the ants are on the attack.

    Very nice close up!
    About how far were you from the subject matter, macro distance?


  2. David, not very close like using digicam. I cropped it.

  3. ants troop...i hate red ants actually...love to pour kerosine over them and burn them alive...

  4. Vialentino, you are so EVIL lol


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