Oct 29, 2009

Fab'louz BoutiQue - Shopping Spree!!

Though not many comments
*counting with fingers then nod*
But still, I would love to post it more ^^

She is Superb, Potential model in future

Here is the poison

It just makes you wanna pimp up your wardrobe so BADLY

Serious shit right??

If you wanna shop for fashionable OL outfits

You are not at the wrong site either!!

it is happy to shop, I wish I have cash cash cash~~~

Will update about my Project alpha prizes soOn

Oct 27, 2009

fab'louz PhotoShoot

Hey peeps, hitoMi will give you more Pretties this tiMe

Basically, tHis is what I was up to Last sunday - a Photoshoot for fab'Louz boutique!!
thanks to Joyce for giving me this opportunity ^^

You can visit their Blog, and Facebook profile

Their collection from A to Z - dress, top, heels, accessories!!

It makes me feel more like Model Photoshoot, because this pretty lady here is very Good

Poser in nature & definitely not camera shy

Do you want more??
Haha, comment comment!!
I shall post more if I have got 10 comments ^^

Oct 26, 2009

Ants talk Ants TroOp Ants AttaCk!!

HitoMi is freaking random and has been stalking on net for more than 5hours
WTH I feel myself so damn retarded!!

Once upon a time

there is this little girl, HitoMi, wandering around the house and then she spotted this!!

whoa whoa whoa, Aggresive ants

On their heads, you can see the BIG BIG words

Red ants!!
Better don't disturb them...I don't want to be bitten >.< *flee-ing and get ready with my camera then Chik chak chik chak and Flee back to my room*

Oct 25, 2009

I'm SportsWoMan

Thanks to Charis Sim for spending few hours with Me, personally *wink*

Here you go the final piece featuring I'm Sports Woman

Going miles and miles to the final destination
TARGET is what we call it
that is how Drive us in life

Endorsement anyoNe??

imma Editing photos...wah, still got so Much to do leh
*wiping sweat*

by the way, remember the Kitschen post I have done previously??
Now that I have got into TOP 10
I need to get as MORE LIKES as possible in Facebook

Could you guys do me a favor??

Just click on this link

you will see this photo again

All you need to do is Click LIKE

but then you need to join as Kitschen's fan at their fan page (embedded link)
or You may want to be tagged in the photos?
Just give me a Budge, add me in facebook

In return, I will belanja you guys maKan

See..too bad I din win New zealand ice cream contest
If not really got REAL ICE CREAM leh...

Cheers~~ Hope to win this.
Thanks everybody for reading and specially appreciates those who actually voted for me

Oct 23, 2009

Moment of Self realisation Featuring Charis Sim

SometiMes I do wonder

why am I here
who am I

What have I got after all these I have done?


Why all these, can Somebody tell me??

Oct 21, 2009

Model photoShoot Featuring Charis Sim

Today is final intensive class
*self declared*
Waving off unnecessary attendance in lectures, I Must start to self study at home from now on, and spend less time in reading fiction

I wish I have more shooting to tag along

As promised, this is the Model photoshoot that I have promised earlier

You might know her, Cause she has lotsa friends here and there

At the end of the day, we will say concurrently
the world is so small

I love you guys

you guys love me too??

Oct 19, 2009

Canon Photomarathon @ Sunway LaGoon - Part III

Halo peeps, it is MOoooorrr-Ning
Erm, perhaps not to you, coz you are working LOL

Today my result is Out.
Sadly, I scored badly. OMG, hitoMi!! what has happened to you?!?!


I care but yet, haiz, I really don't know what to expect

Back to CanoN photomarathon, there is a Wildlife Interactive Zoo

There have lotsa cuties ^^ Must say it is better than ZOO NEGARA

You see what I mean. Haha, adorable to the max!!

As usual, there are some cool fellas in the House


Smaller but more active than the LaziBum

There are benches around for you to rest. Some even napped in the Zoo. You see how tiring the job of a Photographer is?

Last but not least

The white Parrot

This is the final part of Canon Photomarathon.
If you want to know the result of the contest, kindly proceed to HERE

Next up will be Model Photoshoot
===Stay tuNed===

Oct 17, 2009

ProJect the aLpha Process

I am Back I am baCk!!
Have been busy with Contest entries - New Zealand Ice Cream ("Like" it please??), as well as KitSchen (soMe with 12000++ votes OMG), and now ---> Project Alpha aGain

I have doNe it once and surprisingly I WOn the first prize
*RainBow arching from my ROoftop LOL*

Imma going to Blog aBout Mr Kenny Sia this tiMe.
Kan saya pernah Cakap he is My mentor

He was a Physic & electronic enGineering student, so I guess he knows this
*or perhaps he don't*
 [\alpha/Fe] = \log_{10}{\left(\frac{N_{\alpha}}{N_{Fe}}\right)_{Star}} - \log_{10}{\left(\frac{N_{\alpha}}{N_{Fe}}\right)_{Sun}}
This is what WIKIPEDIA named as ALpha Process

According to Wikipedia, Alpha process (or alpha reactions) is one of two classes of nuclear fusion reactions by which stars convert helium into heavier elements, the other being the triple-alpha process.

You must be wanting so much to Whack me already for projecting some IRRELEVANT stuffs
*la la la...*
but you see, those top bloggers had underwent all the nuclear fusion reactions which convert them
from Helium (nothin substantial) into Heavier elements (Celebrities today)

*ah dum be dum da*
Yes I (helium) crapped.
But it makes sense, don't you think so??

KenNy sia, hilarious on his own mean. I believe each and every one of us wants to see something funny, ain't it? And kennY sia gives you that ELEMENTE

NOw you see it.
Sometimes I wonder, if he is a She in past life LOL

Oops, maybe she is!! Checking the so-called WOMB??

Rich, famous, funny - is it not the perfect boy friend?
However, the reality shows it is not everything

Okay, apart from his physical appearance, I do believe character wise is essential
*if you wanna see his YOGA haha, must watch til the end!!*

Almost miss out one thing, if he was ever the boy friend of yours, you must endure the agony of going through long term relationship since he has so Much of travelling to do.
*sini, sana, situ, yang jauh tu...*

Being in relationship is not as easy as you think.
that is why Imma still single juga

*this is real, this is me, i know exactly where i am suppose to be now, gotta let the light ShiNe on me*
This conveys what I want to say.

Someday, Helium will turn into Heavier element, it will, Have faith

my "GadGets"

Happy Deepavali to all Indians and Malaysians!!
It is holiday, a Gracious oNe, I just Love having holiday

Imma going to Blog about Project Alpha once more, since It brought me lotsa traffics and
I won the First Prize
Imma preparing for tonight OUTING

I am being freaking ranDom right now.

See what I mean??
Totally Kick ass post

Oct 16, 2009

Canon PhotoMarathon @ sunWay LaGoon - Part II

Phew, finally, I am having some solitary moment to blog.

Yesterday Night was a blast!!
I went to my friend, Yee Hern's birthday. I have no idea since when the birthday boy or girl has to be drunken, but we made him so LOL and he just Zzzz peacefully in the Zouk BarsoNic

no Piccas, but Met Louis Xin.

She is how she looks like in her blog and she is so Tall
*thanks to naughty JOsh for the Sign*

Good it was fun but bad I was badly injured >.<
The power of Stiletto

DAmn barsoNic's design, made me Fell twice and gave me this big patch of BLue Black

Back to Canon photomarathon. We are given 3 themes to shoot.
#1 Red, #2 Splash, #3 Shooting in progress

I am sure all of us have more than one photos for each theme.
For the theme "RED"

THanks for SiMon for the casting and he definitely stood out behind the Wooden Door.

This is a rather normal picture

For the theme "SPLASH"

Found a random Girl to help out when SimoN was nowhere to be found.
Got feel or not??

Pity siMon for the countless take but I am glad I have one I have liked much ^^


Overexposed but I kinda like the effect. Somehow I feel he looks like MiKe Yip

Another version with a little splash. I was kinda indecisive with which to submit so I chose another one.

It was fun, as I said, but too bad, I didn't even win some consolations.
I guess it is my mistakes that fail me out.

Oct 14, 2009

CaNon PhotoMarathon @ Sunway LaGoon - Part I

It was just Last saturday.
On this very day, I took a day off from my usual routine, and headed to Sunway Elephant walk for this very First experience of mine.

Of course I was not alone.

this is Mr Salmon aka siMon aka sa-Mon, tagging along for the competition

We reached around 6.45am and it was way earlier than the prescribed registration time.
So it was very little people at first.

But when we headed to the Amphitheatre

WootZa, the THRONGS!!
Can you sense the intensity of the Competition??

It was bloody red mass.

Everybody, including Me, had to wear it throughout the competition

I had lost track of the time as it had been a Long Long day...
I was deprived with Hunger, not that I didn't eat. I did.
3 wholesome meals.
Guess too Much of calories burning for wandering all around Sunway LaGoon

Here are the photos I have submitted for three themes




SoOo, the ultimate question : WHAT are the 3 themes stipulated??

I had been in Sunway Lagoon for the longest period in my life
14 HOURS!!
I was suffering from lack of sleep >.<
The result was not out STILL when we left.
Thanks to the technical error of Canon.

I would have been at home resting at 7PM if I were to leave before the Result was out.
If only I did
*exhaling deep breath*

Oct 13, 2009

I want New Zealand Ice Cream

I have too many things in my mind right now...I just don't know what to do first.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for the HONOR that BloggerUnited has Given me.
*Look at the right top Corner*
UniQue BlogAward
It is unexpected, especially after two long days without internet access
Thanks for the support ^^ You guys really make my daySssss

Secondly, Kitschen contest is still running and surprisingly we have got more votes than I have expected.

Again, thanks for your support. Keep voting everyday!!

Thirdly, another new contest entry for New Zealand Ice Cream.

If I could get as much people to "Like" my photos, I might secure myself a
*I love ice cream, you know that right??*
PLease, do me a favor
just "Like" this photo HERE!!

Actually, I have another one, pending still...
I am freaking tiring now.Going to finish my Angels and Demons book soon. Left 10% to be read.
Gotta sign off.
*Goodnight Kiss to all*

Oct 11, 2009

hitoMi featuring JoaChim & sHasa

Yesterday's Canon Photomarathon was interesting but too much of technical errors that cost us too much fatigue of walking and too much of Calories burning to the extent that My tummy kept growling for food!!

Currently suffering from body ache and still need tiMe to process my pictures.

LooKing back my Photo Directory, it has been 2 months since JOachim tan is Back to Beijing.

This Big guy is a Big Bully, but still, I miss him.
*Taken on the night of departure*

He is an actor by nature. He pretended to be COol.

Nevertheless a good boy model but never take orders from people.

Oct 8, 2009

Chili Pan Mee

*Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way*
It is way too early but still, I love christmas songs.
Excuse me please

This post is specially posted upon request by ScanSeng, or BloggerBOy, whom have been
yearning for more foodssss

*Jeng jeng Jeng*

Aiz...being poisoned by Jeremy >.<

WooHoo, have I told you before, of all the Mee, I love pan Mee the most??
I can have Pan Mee for 3 meals in one day!!

Have you been to this particular restaurant named after "Chili Pan Mee"??

This is their faMous dish.
Served dried and you can add as Much Dried chili as you want
*Perspirating due to overloading the Chili into my dish*

by the way, it is RM5 each. Not too filling. Just nice for a girl like Me ^^

we ordered Sui gao as the side dish. Basically it is minced meet wrapped in a layer of flour made skin and Cook with soup

If you are running out of drinks, this would be the right thing to Go after ^^

Enjoy it, BLOGGERBOY!!

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