Sep 13, 2009

more Miss CosmoS chinese 2009 @ KLPF

wonDering where are we??

Thinking hard??

LoOk closer then You shall get the Hint ^^

FuNny MimiC of the day

Yes, you see Canon, you see EOS, still can't Get??

wookie, tiMe's Up!!

ObviouSly Our ladies here can't wait anyMore to Flaunt you what they are Proud Of
*pointing to SeXy Legs & pretty Faces*
ChecK out my Fav oNes here

Ola, before I departed, one shot

with the FunnY miMicker lol..
I know I look so pale...NO make up and super early wake up Sowee

Last but not least, a photo of thought

Even kid knows how to Shoot LengLuis!!
WTH, so freaking rich dah, so young dah ada DSLR!!


  1. hitoMi,

    Great photos.

    You look so cute in the blue shirt and denim crops!

    The models photos are great.

    Very pretty candidates for Miss Chinese CosMose.

    When do we see more pics of model hitoMi?


  2. David, the hair is cute modeling lately..

  3. wow the real u without make up!
    not bad actually hehhe. diff feel

  4. ur mimicker is my fren. XD hah. his name is Ryan.

  5. DanYanPi, thanks...But i really look Pale in real person >.<

    ButterCup, Oh, it is your friend ^^

  6. That hot/mimicker is my college mate. Hahahaha..his name is Ryan and he is a very good singer. :)

  7. OMGG, i wanna say again, the world is so SMALL!! where u study btw


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