Sep 6, 2009

More oN diGi sneaK peak

as the title does the talking most of the time, so we shall kick it out without further ado

Oi, balik kerja lah...jangan tunjuk muka tu LOL

again and again, people talks about Digi Music Digi Music DiGi muSic

It is PoisoNous !!!

While Jess showing soMe support, the Digi amBassador was so BLUR lol

Do allow me, this is the only one camwhore photo throughout the event ni...

so yea, not planning to win best dress or whatsoever, but Kristine here, won it LOL

Do you see yourself here??

hitomi is Acting more like a Paparazzi now, don't you think so??

Oops, perhaps the DOmokun just Can't get enough of Digi MusiC

TOo much of Addiction


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