Sep 12, 2009

Miss Chinese CosMos @ KLPF

You might have heard of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) if You loves photography or maybe interested with it ^^

Besides all the showcases of products from various brands, as such, Canon, Nikon, PanasoNic, Olympus
of Course
they Provide lots of eye candies for You to Shoot

You Might wanna have a look at Munster's Photos for Hot Angelyn featuring Nikonian Academy

But in the Meantime, Here are soMe of my shots featuring
Miss CHinese CosMos 2009 @ KLPF

Oh dollie she is, I love her Eye contact

Kawaii Girl

Nice face feature

This is what I understand of the term "Demure looking"

Actually I like all of them LOL, that is why I am posting them Up here

SeXy back black!!

I wonder who win though *hmmmm*


  1. Woots! Miss Chinese Cosmos.. banyak pretty woman, sexy black me like..

  2. Me love too!! haha, Honmun


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