Sep 2, 2009

I love Blue sKy

HitoMi just came back from shoOting.
It did not come around well, as what I felt, but hopefully, it was not that bad to the extent it caused much disappointment.

Luckily, Blue sky has always been the comforting factor

It means "TIME FOR DIET"

In the meantime, gotta Cut everything short and head to the Piles of BookS


  1. hitoMi,

    I agree that you should wait and see the photos from your shoot.

    Unless you were feeling badly, you usually come across well even with your casual self shoots.

    DIET, you need to go on a diet ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    BTW, the sky shots are great!

    I agree that the blue sky can be very relxing to just watch!


  2. David, perhaps I should wait. Hee, the sky shot is Nice and I love it.

  3. HitoMi,

    I like the "Hitomi, the musician", shot by Joyce Tedoen.

    You really look like a serious musician in that photo!

    Great hair, excellent eyes,(and eye makeup).

    The shallow depth of field captures the essence of the guitar player!

    Show us more when you are able!

    Have a great weekend.


  4. David, after he showed all then only i will show.

  5. i wished i had a gear for myself. nice photos!

  6. Dylan, you can draw, that is Not bad edi oh!!


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