Sep 15, 2009

hitoMi new PimP

Girls never fail to feel happy whenever they shop, if they were, why would there be
shop till you drop!!

so toDay, sicko hitoMi shopped and I shall not officially declared
HitoMi is BROKE!!

100++ Gone...

WoOt, show soMe love!!

Thank goodness!! luCkily it is a present from My lovely Cousin, AiLee

Oh yea, almost forGot

300 bucks Gone again >.<

What else I could say??


  1. why buy nissin... aijooo

  2. hitoMi,

    Nice way to spend a day.

    The camera bag looks very nice.

    Your STROBE finally! You have a good flash unit, now u need the diy reflector.

    I look forward to your photos when using the new flash!


  3. nothing to say,
    earn back the money haha

  4. TV, no cash for Canon...all gone

    David, yes, my own flash unit!! indeed, i need a reflector Ahhhh...

    DAnYanPi, ish ish ish

  5. It feels great to shop like crazy!!
    just that you dont get the same feeling when your wallet turns emptier =\

    anyway, neat stuff u got there! xD

  6. Carson, haha, you love shopping too!! seriously, i guess nobody will hate having more cash to spend right??

    Neat stuff lol...what does it suppose to mean


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